Infrastructure Development For Easy Urbanization.

In 2006, I served in the Cross River State urban renewal committee, the committee that was mandated to advise government for the renewal and or establishment of modern urban infrastructure in Ugep. 

As one with a degree in urban and regional planning, infrastructure development to solve regional problems is what I must do as a Chairman of Yakurr Council. 

We live in a fast changing world where villages are fast becoming towns. And towns fast changing into cities. Planners at all level must put on fast thinking caps to meet such abrupt changes. 

In Yakurr, it is our desire to construct the following roads:

1. Assiga Road

2. Reconstruct the Idomi Road

3. Construct the Mkpani-Agoi Road

4. Construct the Ekom Agoi-Agoi Ekpo Road

5. Develop the plan for the Agoi Ekpo-Agoi Ibami Road

6. We will construct or reconstruct all internal road networks in Ugep, Ekori, Idomi, Mkpani, and other major road in Inyima, Assiga, Agoi Ekpo, and Agoi Ibami. 

6. Partner with NDDC to build solar powered street lights in all streets in Ugep, Ekori, Nko, and Mkpani. Our plan will be to replicate this in other villages within a responsible time. 

7. We will partner with the private sector to develop standard mortuaries in Ugep where dead bodies will be accorded the decency and respect before burial. For we have found out that private mortuaries inject bad chemicals into dead bodies without consent from family members.  

8.  We will also create a burying ground in Ugep which we think should eradicate the burial of love ones at homes. 

9. Our priority will be to partner with the city of Hohhot in China, a major leader in city waste recycling in the world, to develop a recycling plant that will stop the indiscriminate dumping of refuse along the highway by UUDA. It is our wish to create jobs while solving a major urban problem. 

10. We will put more effort at developing a radio station for Yakurr. We do believe that such a radio station will speak more to and for Yakurr Nation, home and abroad. 

11. We are very passionate about healthcare delivery in Yakurr LGA. While we desire to upgrade all primary healthcare centers in the LGA, it will be a thing of joy to build and commission the Yakurr District Referral Hospital, which will be a major signature project of our administration. We will partner with the Yakurr Diaspora Community to bring this to fruition. 

12. It is true that the Local Government administration last only three years, and people may be wondering how we can achieve all these in that short time. The truth is, our autonomy will give us the enablement to have the desired resources straight from the federation account. We will also create relationships with the outside world through our cooperation and exchanges with other nations around the world. These relationships can bring serious returns that can also boost our development objectives. 

13. It is our plan to leave Yakurr LGA well built at the end of our administration. 


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