Axari Hotel Quarantine Support Pack


In compliance with Government directives and for the safety of our staff, customers and their families,

Axari Hotel and Suites has shut down its operations to enable everyone stay at home.

We recognise that this will be a very challenging time for everyone, particularly the poor and elderly amongst us.

For such persons, the stay at home order becomes a stark choice between Covid-19 and starvation.

Axari Hotel has therefore decided to contribute its own token to support government efforts and those who will be hardest hit by this disruption.

Food items to be distributed include, rice, garri, lndomie etc. The quantity in each pack is calculated by our nutritionist to provide adequate calorific intake for 1 week.
It is being distributed to support:

  1. Staff members (minimum wage) who have been asked to stay at home.
  2. Our daily paid construction workers whose source of daily income has been disrupted.
  3. Invalid, sick or abandoned elderly persons in our immediate environment.
  4. Invalid, sick or abandoned old people in our villages as identified by the family welfare officers.
    352 packs distributed so far.
    Stay safe everyone.

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