IN-FIGHTING IN C’RIVER PDP: Is Ayade A Rugged Captain?

BY:Mazi Endurance Onun, Calabar

It is a common orientation among sailors that the dearest treasure in the voyage is the ship and a rugged captain must do “anything” (reasonable or unreasonable) to prevent his ship from sinking.

We believe that no peaceful waters ever make fine sailors as such the terse saying; “the rougher the seas, the merrier the sail”.

When the waters get troubled, captains, in a bid to steady their ships, sometimes choose to throw their shipmate(s) overboard. This practice did not just start recently. Even in Bible times, we read how those early sailors on a voyage to Tarshish resolved to throw Jonah overboard in other to steady their sail (Jonah 1:1-17).

Similarly, in year 2014, former governor and leader of PDP in the state, Sen. Liyel Imoke ofr when his ship witnessed turbulence, we saw how, in a bid to prevent it from sinking, chose to throw some of his (fine) shipmates overboard — a decision that successfully steadied his ship.

Captain Imoke threw overboard;

  1. Sen. Victor Ndoma Egba who was the Leader of the 6th & 7th Nigerian Senate.
  2. Sen. Prince Bassey Otu — the most influential figure of the South (as he then was).
  3. Fidelis Ugbo — his trusted appointee and fingered successor.
  4. Alex Egbona — a famous benefactor and his serving Chief of Staff.
  5. Prince Jeddy Agba — a money bag and Abuja connector.
  6. And among many other statesmen of the party.

Today, Governor Ben Ayade who is the leader of the party and captain of the PDP ship is currently sailing onboard similar turbulent waters — a test of his ruggedity.

The question therefore arises; can Captain Ayade save his ship from sinking by throwing overboard;

  1. Sen. Sandy Onor?
  2. Sen. Gershom Bassey?
  3. Rt. Hon. Jarigbe Agom?
  4. Rt. Hon. Essien Ayi?
  5. Rt. Hon. Eta Mbora?
  6. Rt. Hon. Daniel Asuquo?
  7. And others?

Should Captain Ayade’s ruggedity fails him, would he abandon ship or would he rather sink with it? The end of this adventure shall answer these questions!

©Mazi Endurance Onun, a spectator.

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