Sen. Sandy Onor’s 1st Year In Office: Lest We Forget

Sen. Sandy Onor’s 1st Year In Office: Lest We Forget!

By Endurance Onun

¶ Lest We Forget, Sen. Dr. Ntufam Sandy Ojang Onor was elected to represent the good and bad people of Central Senatorial District in Cross River State, Nigeria on the 23rd day of February, 2019 and was inaugurated forthwith on the 11th day of June, 2019.

¶ Lest We Forget, three days ago, particularly, 11th June, 2020, Sen. Sandy Onor marked (whether consciously or unconsciously) his first calendar year as member of the Red Chamber.

¶ Lest We Forget, on the 26th day of May, 2019, Sen. Sandy Onor made a public pledge and I beg to quote him verbatim; “I am not going to the Senate to give my people the excuse of being a FIRST TIMER, to the best of my ability, I will not fail to deliver,” Sen. Sandy.

¶ Lest We Forget, 12 months after Sen. Sandy Onor left for Abuja, he has visited Central Senatorial District only once and that was on the 19th day of August, 2019 on the occasion of Boki New Yam Festival — thank God for this festival, but not, Sen. Sandy would not have made a debut.

¶ Lest We Forget, all conscientious representatives have toured round their respective constituencies, if not for anything, at least to say “thank you” to the party structure that worked painstakingly for their emergence; notwithstanding, Sen. Sandy has refused to visit Abi, Yakurr, Obubra, Etung and even “the big” Ikom LGAs to say thank you — can we say that Sen. Sandy does not have conscience?

¶ Lest We Forget, some humane representatives like; Rt. Hon. Peter Odey of Ogoja State Constituency; Rt. Hon. Hilary Bissong of Boki II State Constituency; Hon. Edward Ajang of Bekwarra State Constituency, and among others supplied palliatives to their constituents as their respective widow’s mite to ameliorate this untold hardship caused by Covid19. Nonetheless, Sen. Sandy Onor, at a point we needed him the most, paid us the highest level of neglect, nonfeasance, dumpiness and to say the least, misprision — can we also say that Sen. Sandy is inhumane?

¶ Lest We Forget, after the first 12 months as Senator, Sen. Sandy Onor cannot (by whatever means, whatsoever) point to a culvert, road, borehole, scholarship scheme, job placement list, skill acquisition programme, or what have you with his name.

¶ Lest We Forget, Sen. Sandy has never proposed one bill on the floor of The House or even on the floor of Social Media — so sad!

¶ Lest We Forget, Sen. Sandy Onor’s only achievement after one year as a Senator was the printing of election posters, sometime last month where his ambition to be Governor of Cross River State became public — Congratulations, Your Excellency!

¶ Lest We Forget, Sen. Sandy Onor’s 1st year scorecard is out, and his performance, with all honesty is miserably penurious. God Forbid!

¶ Lest We Forget, a new record has been opened for Sen. Sandy Onor as he begins his 2nd year trial. But let us never forget that “No Man Can Give What He Does Not Have” no matter how benevolent he may be!

Mazi Endurance Onun
From Ugep, Yakurr LGA

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