Chief Barr Utum Ubi Eteng

I make this passionate appeal to you and to Yakurr chapter Exco of our great party the APC. My appeal is for the chapter to hold down the alleged suspension of Chief Akin Rickets by his Ijiman Ward, Ugep.

Among other allegations against Chief Akin Rickets is that, he cued behind a Yakurr Chairmanship candidate, Mr Bassey Ekanem from Ikpakapit Ward at the last local government Council poll held on 30/5/2020 when a faction has boycotted. I have continued to urge that, such an unlawful boycott called by SIR JOHN OCHALA, APC Acting State Chairman of our party is unlawful and that no election for which a valid notice for it to hold has been issued has ever been stopped due to the boycott of one political party.

My appeal is premised on three sad previous experiences we have had by the Yakurr people in the APC which member cannot forget in a hurry. The following are the sad experiences.

Between 2015-2019, the Yakurr APC was unwittingly exposed to avoidable political vendata, blackmails and wicked propaganda against the person and character of one of our own in the person of Pastor USANI UGURU USANI Ph.D, when he was nominated as minister by President Mohammodu Buhari.

Nearly all of us in Yakurr APC joined external forces to disparage our Son whilst these “holier than thou” external forces take steps to protect and support absolutely their own even if they are from small enclaves.
We are yet to apologise to both Pastor Usani or to ourselves and indeed to the entire Yakurr people for joining hands with external forces to disparage our own. 

Again, when our indomitable and people oriented  son, CHIEF (BARR) OBONO OBLA, then Special Assistant to the President  on Prosecution was graciously pursuant to his hard work and unadulterated loyalty to President Buhari, nominated to the Board of NCC as a NON-EXECUTIVE FEDERAL COMMISSIONER. Sonie external characters teamed up with some of our senator(s) to truncate the already clean bill of health, the senate screening committee and indeed the full senate gave Obla.

Today Obla is not a member of that grade A Board, he would have used to further and as usual to his person address squarely the needs of our people. Those who did the Havoc are now happy that Yakurr/ indeed Ugep has no place in the NCC Board. 

The appointment of Chief Akin Rickets by the President as Chairman of  a grade A Board (NIGERIAN PORTS AUTHORITY) is yet another fresh opportunity external collaborator have used to petition his nomination,  but Chief Rickets was accordingly sworned in by Hon Minister of Works, Rotimi Amachi. We need to protect Chief Rickets. If Chief Rickets is said to have cued behind a Chairmanship candidate  from Yakurr and for that reason, he has to be suspended, the question is what has been done to other party Elders from other L.G.C’s, who also supported other candidates who went into the local government council election against the boycott order of one of the factions?

I plead with you to use your good office if we cannot appreciate Rotimi Amaechi for the 2 slots he has influenced for Yakurr people, let us at least cue for once with one of ours, to show the public that we are one people.

To my Ijiman brothers, my plea is for you to tamper justice with mercy. Let us not distract Chief Rickets, let not always be Yakurr against Yakurr.
My warm regards.

Chief Barr Utum Ubi Eteng

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