Rehabilitation Of Facilities Takes Center Stage At 6th Yakurr Legislature Maiden Plenary


The rehabilitation of facilities in Yakurr local government took the centre stage as the 6th Yakurr Legislative House held its plenary session.

This is to be create conducive working environment so as to enhance their welfare and that of all rank-and-file.

The lawmakers, in their separate contributions bemoaned the poor state of the council’s buildings while moving for prompt measures to giving them a conducive legislating environment.

Registering their fear over a possible collapse of the plenary chamber, the Councilors said that if nothing was done, especially soonest, the building might collapse on them while carrying out their judicious functions.

The House attributed their inability to hold a sitting since  they were inaugurated on 8th June, 2020 and called on the Executive Chairman to expedite arrangements towards quick renovation of the premises. 

“For the reason  that lean financial resources are a reason behind the Executive Chairman’s delay of action, some of the Honourable Members opined that it was better for the Chairman, Hon. Ofem Ebri Obeten to opt for a loan facility from any of the banks pending whenever the hoped resources would arrive.”.

They resolved that “whereas they were tired of sitting at home waiting for the chamber to be in a good shape before they resume duties, they were equally not willing to continue holding sessions under the current condition of the buildings.”

However the Honourable Leader of the 6th Yakurr Legislative House, Hon. Eteng Usang, pleaded with the members to exercise more patience with the Executive arm as he believes it would not be long before their poor working condition will be remedied.

On the proposed loan facility, the leader argued that the procedures to applying for a bank loan cannot be met at the moment as the current government was yet to constitute an ‘Executive Committee’.

He promised to transmit the members’ call to the chairman as the House went on to adjourn to Tuesday, July 21st, 2020.

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