Deliverance, Healing As God’s Arena Of Liberty Waits Upon The Lord


God’s Arena of Liberty (aka) Enough is Enough, a Christian outreach Ministry experieneed instant deliverance and healing from God at a tarry night programme in Calabar

The programme with the theme “Thou Art thy Power and thy Glory”, saw seasoned men of God  preaching the word of God to the congregation. 

Opening the ceremony, the father of the ministry, usually referred as ” Papa Abraham “, welcomed the worshippers with a powerful message from the word of God. 

He said that all power, majesty, wisdom, riches, honour, excellence and victory comes from God. God he further explained wants us to be his sons and daughters as there is no gender platform in heaven. 

This is evident in John gospel 1:1 which says,  “in the beginning  was  the word and the word was with God and the word God”.

“God gives you power to be his son when  you receive and believe in Him as your Lord and Saviour “

According to him,  “the work of the Prophet is made easy when we believe in the prophet in the house. He said that the greatest sin on earth is “unbelief “.What has God done to you that you will never believe Him,  he queried”.

The Lord said “I am the Lord that health thee. Call me and I will answer you. The greatest evil that the devil planted in man is unbelief.”.

Papa Abraham quoted the book of Isaiah 65:24 from the Bible to confirm His word. The problem of man is not the witches and  wizards, it is because “you” did not believe God. 

The devil,  he noted did not create fear on earth, but said our eyes much be opened for understanding, citing the book of Proverb 21:16. We lack the understanding that God is God and  that He loves us”.

“The spirit of God dwells in you by His Spirit. God has the power if only we believe as God represents the “Word”..

The guest speaker from the Republic of Cameroon, Prophet Julius Ayuk Eyong, said “God is a spirit, but yet we cannot see Him. Our God is a practical God who manifest where His presence is. 

“God demonstrates His presence with power and glory and where there are no powers, it means God doesn’t dwell there”.

According to him, “when God is present, something must happen. The God we are serving is not only the one in spirit, but he demonstrates His presence at all times to prove a point “..
Eyong declared,  “we are not living with the God of one day,  but with the God of now. He demonstrates His power before King Nebuchadnezzar in the Holy. Acts 10:38 can be referenced”.

“As a child of God, you must at all times be an epitome of God. There are people who may end up not hearing the word of God. Our God is God of action. Power produces glory in the spiritual realm “

Prophet Eyong described “glory as light and the shinning beauty of God. When the glory of God manifests, it brings interest and admiration. Glory is light  produced by power. In the absence of glory, we find complete darkness in our daily lives “.

The prophet  of God later confirmed the presence of God at God’s Arena of Liberty as deliverance, healing and anointing took over the place. 

Earlier,  the General Overseer,, of the Outreach, Prophet Sunday Obi, had  prayed against the breaking of yokes and bondages in the lives of believers at the “tarry night”.

He thanked God for granting us a good weather and spiritual protection throughout the duration of the programme. 

The choir was handy to render praises and worships throughout the all night long programme which last Friday 9.30 p. m till 6.00 am. 

Testimonies and thanksgiving to God dominated part of the success story for the first of its kind “tarry night “.

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