Divine Healing, Deliverance At End Of Month Thanksgiving Service In God’s Arena Of Liberty


The Grace of God manifested on Friday August 28th,  at God’s  Arena of Liberty as the Servant of God Prophet Sunday Obi, General Overseer, carried out Divine deliverane and healing on members of the congregation.

The “word” for the Thanksgiving service tagged, “The Bone Shall Rise Again” taken from Ezekiel  37:1-10″, was presented by Pastor Stanley Williams.

Pastor Williams queried “why do we dream big dreams with all the good things  of life only  to wake up and discovered poverty  all around us? “.

He said “everything Satan does is a plan and strategy to disconnect you from your direction “.

Said he,  “before the enemy attacks you,  he will first of all scan your identity and that of your families and uses it against you referring to Joshua 7:16.”

For a problem to be identified,  it must have a name. Dry bone, doesn’t not necessarily mean the physical dry bone but that of “Spiritual “.

“As Christians, your dry bone in our individual lives, can be your inability to pick up your bills, put food on the table, pay your rent, when your marriage is having challenges or when your business is going down, he said”.

Others are “when there is no peace in the family, when doctors have given you a name as a result of health challenge, it could be when people mock at you because of your present status or what you are going through in life:.

However,  he said, “as from today, having heard the word of God, the devil cannot stop the plan of God in your life, Amen:.

The Bible describes us as the “salt of the earth, we carry God’s favour. God does not have a waste bin,  because He picks the dirty things of this world and washes them clean”.

Therefore,  he advised Christians to live a life without  jealousy, bitterness and unforgiveness  as the devil cannot send you his agent there is a weakness. So let your spirit be greater than your environment “.

“You may be born into poverty, but is it your responsibility to change your poverty status, adding that if in spite of all you have done, through your ignorant has brought you this far, then the word of God will take you beyond “.

Pastor William further said “if not for the Lord who has been on your side, our destiny would  have been destroyed”.

He further illustrated “how can our dry bone live as in Ezekiel 37:1-3 as “we must first believe in Our Lord Jesus. There is a name that is above every other name. A name that will lift you from you are and take you to where God wants to be.  That name is Jesus. God has made it so easy for those who believe in Him,  He settles them”.

.He went on to state “you are the one to pray out or prophesy to your destiny. Declare divine health is yours. Prophesy peace in your family, marriage, every dead part in you come alive”.

Earlier,  the General Overseer, Prophet Sunday Obi, while emphasizing on the theme prayed for the growth of our spiritual lives so as to over come all dry bones in our lives. 

He said “lack of believe” has been a great challenge to many Christians. They don’t understand the things of the spirit. Many will get a prophesy and will not believe “.

Many Christians “are the cause of the dryness in their bones, adding that 80 percent of ministers and servants of God have sold their birth rights as a result of living in sin. When you live that kind of life “you are a typical example of a dry bone”

Obi adominished Christians to live a Christ like life, for this is the only way for growth of our spiritual life and salvation. 
He later carried out deliverance and healing. The outreach has counselling every Monday’s and Wednesday’s of the week while Friday’s are for normal service. 

The highlight of the Thanksgiving service was the dedication of Little Jouna Odey Ukuaza. 

There were rendition songs and praises from the God’s Arena Echo International Choir.

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