By The Mention Of His Name All Adversaries, Afflictions Fled Out Of The Captives


The theme of Friday’s Service “Praise and Thanksgiving * was timely and suitable as the Servant of God, Prophet Sunday Obi, was very emphatic at the way and manner people treat God after answering their prayers.

While condemning the behavior, he said “praise and thanksgiving ” provokes God to release more blessings and grace on His people”.

Bursting into praise and thanksgiving songs “Sweet Jesus, sweet Jesus, how wonderful you areā€¦Oga Jesus winner oh, Oga Jesus winner oh, the Echo Choir international immediately took over the floor as worshippers sang and danced and merred with joy and happiness all over.

Citing the Bible Psa 92:12 The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon” The righteous is the one that knows his onions and is ready at all times to praise and give thanks to God.

Prophesying for Nigeria, he said called on Christians to continue to hold on to God. He is and will always provide the solution to Nigeria as He will soon announce His own government.

“We need a Nigeria where justice, fairness and equity shall prevail. Watch out Nigeria will be the best country in the World after these bitter experiences. A new Nigeria is on the way as planned by God Himself, the Prophet declared.

Furthermore, ” all things will work for good in Nigeria
God is God.”

He announced the presence of God at NO. 11 Otu Ansa, in God’s Arena of Liberty were problems are permitted to come in but are not allowed to go with worshippers.

“1Cor 16:9 says “For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries. “People are blessed but they don’t know how to appreciate God. There are so many open doors, but our adversaries will not allow them to come our way, he said”.

Obi said “until we respect the soverengity of God, we will remain where we were before now. Paul and Silas prayed and God sent down the Holy Ghost to fight for them”.

He enjoined Christians to always learn how to praise and give thanks to God. As we do this, things will begin to work and manifest in our lives. When you want to praise God, it must not be casual but with all amount of seriousness and power. Ingratitude can cause God to forsake you”.

The servant of God, made reference to Bible verses Mal
2:2/Ps.67:5-7/Luk17:11 for further illustration.

As the congregation prayed, sang and danced, the Spirit of God was provoked and aninoting, deliverance, healing began to unfold.

He manifested Himself and proved that He is the Able God as he confronted and cast out demons that came to specifically attack him for delivering those under their captives.

The demons openly confessed and bowed by the mention of His Name Jesus and fled.

One significant feature n God’s Arena of Liberty is the number of testimonies at every Friday service confirming what God had done in the lives of worshippers the previous weeks. It is awesome.

Interestingly, worshippers come from far and near as testifiers take their Thanksgiving messages home.

There was an overflow as worshippers came to say thank you to God for sparing their lives till the end of October.

Prayers were offered for peace and order to be restored in the country following the rampage by our youths which resulted to vandalisation and looting of private and public property across the nation.

He prophesied that most of our leaders will be made to pay for their wickedness on humanity “as God is watching them closely”.

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