“Return My Late Father’s Robes” – Ndoma-Egba Pleads

BY: Vitalis Ugoh,Calabar

One of the targets of the recent vandalisation/looting and arson in Cross River State, former Senate Leader Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba (SAN) has pleaded with whosoever comes across his late Father’s Robes as the Chief Judge of Cross River State to please kindly contact him 

It would be recalled that   vandals and hoodlums looted his personal residence in Calabar and carted away his late father’s judge’s robes.

A statement issued and signed by him said: “the intruders broke into my house and looted it to the ground leaving only the bare floor.”

“According to him, “all the toilets, baths, pumps and indeed every imaginable fitting were removed as were items of furniture, clothing, a huge collection of mainly rare, out of print books, documents and historic photographs.”

He described the attack on his residence  as methodical by professionals.

Said he, “they also removed all the windows, railings, family pictures and burglary proofs as well as  my private chapel.  All the cars were also set ablaze and parts of the building after more than four hours of un-interrupted operations. It was strange. This kind of thing has never happened in the history of looting and vandalisation.

It is suspected that among the looters  were electricians, plumbers, carpenters, motor mechanics, panel beaters and other tradesmen. I thank God that no life was lost as I was abroad when it happened”.

Ndoma Egba added: “I only plead that whoever sees the Robes should please return them to me in the name of God.

He explained how he built and moved into the house from 1991 to January, 2009.

Those who looted and vathe destroyed  my “house is like a premeditated plan. It is, wanton and unjustifiable but I understand the anger in the land especially amongst our youths.”

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