Does The Governor Care?

By:Mazi ß Onun
Journalist/Political Analyst

Somedays, I wake up very early to ponder on the administrative life of Gov. Benedict Ayade. At times, I stop by to ask; “what would His Excellency be remembered for?”

Perhaps, a governor who gave out appointments to 6,000 persons in his first term and another 6,000 persons in his second term — with the sole aim of putting three square meal on their tables (stomach infrastructure).

We know that all sensible governments are run by police thrusts. Meanwhile, have you ever bothered to ask:

  1. What is Gov. Ayade’s policy on education?
  2. What is Gov. Ayade’s policy on social infrastructure?
  • 2a. Has Gov. Ayade ever commissioned any road?
  • 2b. Has Gov. Ayade ever commissioned a borehole?
  1. What is Gov. Ayade’s policy on security?
  • 3a. Don’t you think Gov. Ayade has already lost the battle against kidnapping?
  • 3b. Don’t you think Gov. Ayade has already lost the battle against cultism?

After 8 full years as governor of Cross River State, what can Gov. Ayade truly boast of, except payment of salaries to his 6,000 by 6000 appointees and crying before Channels and AIT digital cameras? Oh Digital Governor!

Uninterestingly, Gov. Ayade has only next year (yr 2021) to dust his administration off. By January, 2022, all political gladiators must have returned to the stage. Parties primaries will hold around August/September, 2022 and from January of same year [2022] we all, including Gov. Ayade would be most interested in who becomes what in 2023.

2022 is a political year! From January, 2022, the polity must have started heating!! By then, whatever Gov. Ayade does would not interest any one of us — even most of his appointees. You know the implication of this right? The small loyalty (good will) he enjoys may be of no significance.

So, the governor has only next year, 2021 to fix his ass. With only 1 month left before next year, Gov. Ayade has barely 13 months to make history — if at all he cares.

©Mazi ß Onun
Journalist/Political Analyst.

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