Seek The Face Of God Now To End National Chaos -Archbishop Irefin(BCS)


Professor David Ekundayo Irefin, is an Archbishop and International President of Christ Universal Missionary Crusade Fellowship of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star(BCS). He was formerly of University of Maiduguri, but now former Dean of Arts and Social Sciences, Federal University Lokoja. He had travelled widely on both missionary and academic trips. In this interview, he tooka look at an array of problems besetting Nigeria and proffers his own type of solution. Our Correspondent, Nick Nwaneri had a chat with the seasoned Academia and Servant of God where he aired his views on a number of issues as well as how best they could be solved. Below are the excerpts of the interview. This is a must read.

Patriotnews: Prof. Sir, everyone is worried about the political state of Nigeria. Are you worried, too?

Prof. Irefin: I am.  Nigeria is currently witnessing nepotism, corruption, division, discrimination, tribalism, religious intolerance and wickedness. This current political state has led to chaos, woes, banditary, violence, kidnapping, senseless killings, lawlessness, and uncertainty.  Today, Nigeria is ranked the third most dangerous place to live on earth. Politicians, religious and traditional leaders and ordinary citizens are calling on the President to sack the Service Chief’s. It is worrisome.

Patriotnews: What could be responsible for this?

Prof. Irefin: Some see the problem as failure on the part of government and had further asked the President to resign.  Nigerians have never been so divided and confused as to where to find solution to their problems since religion and the political system  have failed them. 

Patriotnews:  What could be the way out of all these problems? 

Prof. Irefin: Nigerians are suffering today because they rejected the word of God who dwells amongst them. There exists only one way to peace, justice and prosperity which is the acceptance and practice of the doctrines and teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ as being preached and practiced by His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu.This, therefore, is a general call on the President, Vice-president, MInisters, Senators, Members of House of Representatives, Governors, religious leaders, community and traditional rulers, socio cultural associations, youths, leaders of thought, businessmen and women, students, the wise and prudent of this great country. Nigeria, to let go, pride, ego, arrogance and pomposity and in humility submit and surrender to His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu who was ordained before the foundation of the world was laid to lead Man to God. 

Patriotnews: Prof. Are you talking about surrendering or worship?

Prof. Irefin: I am talking about total surrendering. It is a requirement for them to be able to learn and emulate Him in love and righteousness.Β  In addition,

He has manifested to put an end to evil and wickedness such that peace, love, joy, humility, oneness, patience, tolerance and prosperity cover the world of Man. Let the Perfect Peace of the Almighty God abide with the Government and the good people of Nigeria, Amen.

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  • Let the Government and the Fuctionaries Recognize Him as the King of Kings a d the Lord of Lords, then pay him A Homage, then, He will bless them. I mean those in Authority of the Nigerian Government. I also suggest that let the Government revert the National anthem back to what it was: Nigeria we hail thee, Our own dear Native Land, though Tribes and Tongues may defer, in Brotherhood we Stand.

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