Wife Of Former Senate Leader “Amaka” Laid To Rest


The remains of the wife of former Senate Leader Amaka Lauretta Ndoma was last  weekend laid to rest at Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish Akparabong Town, Ikom Local government area of Cross River State, as he promised to celebrate rather than mourn her demise.
    The Senate leader, described         late   wife as “a builder of human beings. In her house nobody is   mcalled house girl. She was a             strong woman who liked         celebration. We would celebrate     her. It is not the quantity of life but the life in our soul. I want to be buried close to my wife when I die”. 

In a sermon, the officiating priest, Rev. Fr. Francis Eworo recalled that great people usually die young just as Jesus Christ, John the Baptist and several other great people had died and “No one can escape death. Some would say why wouldn’t she had lived longer than she died. We cannot control how and when death comes. Let the Lord grant her eternal rest”.

“Amaka, he said, lived a worthy life and dedicated her service to God and certainly God will travel with her and lift her up”.

Eworo charged the living to live a worthy life, saying, “in this country we keep collecting and  enmassing wealth and we do not think of the poor. Rather they benefit from the suffering of the poor. COVID-19 came and the government people made money and we tied our mouths. I wish God will also tie the hands of corrupt politicians too so that they cannot enmass wealth. Let the death of Amaka bring us back to our senses. Senator Ndoma-Egba you are a good man, you and your wife built this church, God will bless you”.

The Bishop of Uyo Diocese, Rt. Rev. Dr. John Abebe Ayah, described “late Amaka as a peaceful individual who treated people with honour and showed no disdain to people who go close to him”.

In his remarks, the Bishop of Ogoja Diocese, Rev. Fr. Dr. Donatus Akpan, said “the good legacy of Amaka will remain forever with us and prayed for her soul”.

In a glowing tribute captioned, ANGELS ARE IN HEAVEN : Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba said “Where do I start this tribute.? Certainly I can not talk about you in the past for you live. When you live in the hearts and minds of the so many you have touched you cannot die. When is the best time to die?

“You are the love of my youth, the love of my life. You came into my life, we were both young , and took it over completely. You left me to worry about my work and my lawn tennis. Even with my work and tennis you had deep insights. You are faithful ,strong, bold, confident, brutally honest and unusually generous and kind. You want the best for yourself and for everyone else. With you there are no half measures. Only the best is good for you, and all. You are very beautiful and even more beautiful inside. You are focused and on a mission. There is no tomorrow in your lexicon. Whatever you have to do you do it today.  A fashionista and prayer warrior you are a devotee of the Blessed Virgin Mary. You are different, simply unique. Your views and attitude were like none other. Spreading joy to others is your biggest joy”.

“As every human you have your faults which however pale into insignificance beside your good side. You hate pettiness, weakness and slovenliness. You hope and pray for a better society. In all our years together I never heard one child in our home raise his or her voice against another. Indeed, nobody raised a voice against another in our house; at least I never heard. Your many cats, whom you referred to as your children,dogs and birds ate from the same plates. Everyone lives in peace with one another in your home, and the animals too”.

“You left enduring legacies. You unlocked the destinies of many and encouraged all who came your way to exert themselves to the limits of their endowments .You built Start-Rite Schools from an idea to an iconic institution comparable with the best anywhere in the world, completed this church to the glory of God. You built people”.

“ The days of mortals are determinedYou have decreed the number of their monthsand have set limits they cannot exceed” Job 14:5 . God has numbered our days. When He calls us back to Himself early it is to prevent those He loves from being corrupted on earth. The scriptures tell us that”.

“ The righteous perish, and no one takes it to heartthe devout are taken away, and no one understandsthat the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil” Isaiah 57: 1″.

Your name is carved in our hearts. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you. Your stories are sweet.
I hear you say to me” I give you this one thought to keepI am with you still. I do not sleep,I am a thousand winds that blowI am the diamond glints on snowI am the sunshine on ripened grainI am the gentle rain on the roofWhen you awaken in the morning,s hushI am the swift uplifting rush of quiet birds in circled flight.I am the soft stars that shine at nightSo do not think of me as gone.I am still with you in each new dawn”.

From my friend you became my lover, wife, friend, and soulmate. You became me and I became you. We became one. Your pains were mine and your joys were my joys. Your whole life is Victor. From being a provincial lawyer you showed me the possibilities of the global stage and dared me to seize them. Your friends nickname you “ gum body “ as you cling to me every minute, in body and in soul. Now you have upgraded. You are now an Angel with God Whom you so faithfully serve .You are with our Blessed Mother, Mary whom you venerate. You are in Heaven, where all Angels are. Angels are in Heaven and you are my Personal Angel”.

“ My flesh and heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever” Psalm 73:26. Because God is my strength I, rather than mourn you I will celebrate your most remarkable life for you live. It is not the length of our years that matter, rather it is the life in the years. You have life in every minute of your life. I have hope in the Resurrection so I will not mourn because we will meet again to part no more . You hate self pity and love strength so I am strong”.

When is the best time to die.? The best time to die is when you die for God has decreed the number of our days and set our limits “ And we know that in all thingsGod works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose “ Romans 8:28. My love,my Angel, it is well for you live for “ Now is eternal life; that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent” John 3:36.Today, the world celebrates you. I will celebrate and love you forever. Live on my Angel, my personal Angel”.

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