BY: Frank Inyang, CPS

A coin has two sides and  currently in Bakassi LGA of Cross River, the known side of the coin  is the side which was dastardly displayed on October 24,2020 during the ENDSARS violent protests as well as the recent ugly incident of loss of lives thst occurred a couple of days ago, but the side under reference is that which talks about light, development, peace and progress. The only way forward to greatness.

The kind which was unveiled on September 9, 2020 culminating in the Chairman of Bakassi LGA ,Hon Chief Iyadim Amboni Iyadim, winning an award as  The Best Performing Local Government Council Chairman in the Niger Delta Region.

Bakassi shares same similarity with Idi-Oroko in Ogun State. Both are gateways , international border towns but the latter which is not naturally endowed as the former is far developed than the other . Commercial activities have brought the town which links it with Seme in Benin Republic to limelight and is today, a place to be for business transactions.

On the other hand, Bakassi which is  naturally and humanly endowed , could be rated amongst the three richest LGAs in the state under a peaceful atmosphere. With unexplored arable landmass capable of growing any kind of economic crop and various aquatic potentials,it is in a class of its own and under a peaceful atmosphere could be a reference point of economic growth due to commerce  , trading and agriculture.As a strategically located town, it is a gateway to both  East and Central Africa as well as positions itself  as the  trigger of a gun if the map of Africa is critically looked at. A trigger to trigger development not death and destruction of lives and property. A business hub.

The  local government council as presently constituted is poised for action and this can only come to fruition if all sons and daughters of the soil will lend their support and pull resources  for development.It is time cult groups dropped their clubs, machetes and guns and picked  a hoe.

They should,  instead, form themselves into co-operative societies and initiate programs and projects which will definitely receive the blessings and attention  of government for their upliftment. The land is large enough for them to tillToday in Niger State , youths think less of white collar jobs and pursuing of  political office holders for handouts.  They have gone back to the ground and are reaping big. 

Youths should have a rethink which focuses on progress and development, for if the area is safe and conducive for economic growth,they stand to benefit from it. The bravado which was exhibited on October 24, 2020 could equally be channeled for development and progress. They could key into existing business enterprises abound the area. They should also avail themselves of  World Bank,  Central Bank of Nigeria CBN, Federal Government, State Government and donor agencies empowerment programs  targeted at creating jobs and  employment as well as eradicate poverty.

Even if the Bakassi Deep Seaport is completed and commissioned today, without an enabling and conducive environment ,it will come to nought. A friendly environment wellcomes investments and investors and creates wealth, employment and development.

To the present Local Government Council , the feat recorded within your first 100 days in office was a landmark testimony. As in the words of Apostle Frank Umo, ” Contrary wind and storms will blow,but the onus lies in you to keep dreaming yet another dream, by not giving up on your dream as it was the case with Joseph”

The hour has come for all to sit in peace and rewrite the story of our beloved and well endowed Bakassi for it to attain its pride of place amongst comity of developed LGAs
Frank Inyang

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