Tears Of Joy Overwhelmed Them As They Sing, Dance For the Lord


“He is worthy to be praised, my Redeemer,  He is worthy to be praised”

Yes, Him alone is worthy to be praised. The devil has no power nor control when Jesus Christ, the Master of them all is on the throne. 

Initially,  the service started as if the devil had a stake or was angry because of the theme “The Power of praise that breaks protocol”. Everywhere was like “dull and glum”. The congregation seemed to be overshadowed by the satanic powers not to praise and dance for the Lord”.

“Woe unto satan as the Holy Spirit overcame all its antics and like thunder,  reactivated and restored their joy and turned their mourning into “tears of joy”.

You could see the Prophet of God,  Prophet Sunday Obi,  who just came back  from a long distance journey looking very tired, as it were, but God in His infinite mercy, gracefully reactivated his strength as he began to sing praises to the glory of God”.

Hmmm!  Like one of those Nigerian home videos,  the satanic spirit vanished as the Holy Spirit of God manifested and took charge till the end of the service session. 

Him alone,  “Jesus” has done what no man can do.  He will always do it for those who are ready to abandon their problems and follow him.

Presenting the intercessory prayers, the Spirit loaded and eloquent speaker,  Pastor Thompson Ubong, cited Psa  69:30 which says “I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify him with thanksgiving”.

He admonished believers not to allow the devil to steal their joy but continually learn how to give Thanksgiving to God. 

Psa.149:6  went on to state “Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two-edged sword in their hand”.

“David,  he said,  never stopped praising God. Praises silence the wicked.  It worked for Paul and Silas according to the Bible”.

He, however, raised several intercessory prayer points seeking for God’s intervention in our lives, adding “like the Wall of Jericho” all situations today as we praise and give Thanksgiving to God, will be broken in Jesus Name Amen “.

He referenced Psa. 104:2  Who coverest thyself with light as with a garment: who stretchest out the heavens like a curtain to confirm the word of God. ” 

The spirit filled General Overseer of God’s Arena of Liberty outreach, Prophet Obi,  who automatically took over the headship of the Choir, sang, danced and gave thanks to Jesus as he honourably introduced the guest speaker,  a digital, vibrant and erudite man of God,  Pastor Udah Okey to the pulpit to present the “Word”.

Dramatically, Okey began to sing praises to the glory of God Almighty. “Only Jesus can do what no man can do. Father I need your miracle,  Open doors for me.  The time to favour me has come. I need my own miracle “.

“Praise, he says, carry supernatural blessings.  It opens doors and does everything that is associated with God, Okey said”.

Praise has the capacity to restore “barrenness,  setbacks, lost hopes, marriages, education, stagnation, joy and happiness in our lives “.

“Healing, deliverance and prophetic declarations takes place while praising God in an extraordinary way. It moves Heaven. It helps the hopeless. Yokes are broken”.

“Ingratitude is sin before God. When you key into the power of praise,  altars begin to clear. God is the only one who can open closed doors. There is a way when you follow Jesus Christ,  he noted “.

Okey further buttressed his teachings according to Bible verses such as Psa.150:6/Psa.18:3/109:30/100:4/145:2 and Heb.13:3″.

At this juncture,  Prophet Sunday Obi, made references to how the power of praise had liberated a nation and her people. Today, he said,  if you have lived a sinful life in the past, but because you have come to praise God todsy,  it is all over”.

“Believers do not need protocol to see God,  but through praise and Thanksgiving. When you begin to praise God, Satan gets afraid and becomes crippled “.

He warned believers against speaking evil whenever someone is praising God. 

The Servant of God who said that he was not going to preach,  only gave Bible verses 2Chro. 20:22/1cor.3:7-8/Exd15:1 and Joshua 6:20 with few explanations swung into hours of total praise and worship during ministration. 
.It was dancing galore that put satan to confusion and shame as the entire premises of God’s Arena of Liberty outreach got charged as the angels were on guard. 

The Holy Spirit began to fetch those with challenges out while the servant of God got them delivered through the mercy of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 

All attempt by the devil to steal the show was thwarted spiritually as ever before.  At the end all glory and honor went to Jesus as the congregation danced, rejoiced and praised master Jesus till the end of the service. 

They came, saw, believed and went home spiritually satisfied with lots of testimonies in their kitty next Friday service. 

,”God is doing a great work at Arena as there was yet another overflow. The glory of God is indeed manifesting to the fullest in no distant time as the prophet says”. AMEN!

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