Cross River PDP’s Sour Grapes, Falsehood Over Ayade’s Defection

There is no doubt that it will take the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Cross River State ages to overcome the shock and trauma suffered following the exit of His Excellency, Governor Ben Ayade from the party

This can be gleaned from the party’s latest press conference and other ones preceding it.

While we cannot deny them the right to cry over the already spilled milk, they should, however, not be blind to seeing.
The continuous griping of the PDP shows clearly how much of an asset Ayade was to the party, hence they can’t get over his exit. 

In their grief, they seek recourse in mendacity but this will not mitigate their huge and monumental loss.
As much as the PDP has tried in their febrile attempts to tar Ayade with an uncomplimentary brush, we wish to remind them that it cannot be forgotten in a hurry, their various knee-jerk approaches to make the governor stay, including sending their governors as emissaries to beg him not to leave their party?

We are aware that the PDP has commissioned a media campaign of misinformation against the Governor but such campaign is already dead on arrival.
We wish to remind the PDP that those who live in glass houses should be wiser not to hurl stones.
While still reeling from Ayade’s masterstroke, the almost emptied PDP has been busy shopping for lies to confuse it sagging coterie of followers and at the same time flattering to deceive. 

It is against this backcloth that PDP’s claim that the governor paid N2 billion to people to defect is as ludicrous as the claim that nobody has moved with the governor to APC.
PDP, for all they care can go on consoling itself that nobody has moved, but its clear that more than 90 percent of the members of the State House Assembly, including the speaker, are already in the APC.
The deputy governor, His Excellency Professor Ivara Esu is already in the APC with Ayade

Some members of the National Assembly are already at the doorstep waiting for the door to be opened to them while a good number of them have since taken their seats in APC.
Almost all members of the state executive council, special advisers, local government chairmen, councilors and very critical stakeholders in the politics of the state have since emptied into the APC.
Until Ayade left their fold, figures of how much the state collected as refunds for repairs of federal roads were not an issue. But since his exit, the figures are being bandied and extrapolated by PDP mourners to score cheap political points.
From the well documented figure of N18bn, wailing wailers of PDP, apologies to Femi Adesina, have now found it convenient to juggle the figure all in a bid to blackmail and incite the public against the governor.  

Therefore, while the vanishing clan of PDP tells unwholesome lies about 18bn refund, it should also in good conscience tell Cross Riverians how the state incurred the indebtedness of over N300bn, thus making it the most indebted state in Nigeria.
Clearly, the PDP in Cross River is on a free fall and on an uncontrollable hemorrhage.

Christian Ita Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to Governor Ayade.

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