Re-:On Whose Order Is The Canaan Table Tennis Complex Sealed. (Emmanuel Elom’s tissues of lies)

BY: Francis Etang

1) The Table Tennis  Complex is not wholly owned by CRS Sport commission.  It has 40 percent for the commission, 40percent for Hon. OROK Duke and the 20percent for other individuals ( Table Tennis enthusiasts and Investors).

Claiming a 100 percent ownership is so vexatious  and discouraging for PUBLIC PRIVATE  PARTNERSHIP (PPP) deals see attached relevant certified CAC papers for your perusal.Table Tennis is under a National Federation as one of 36 sports.  It has an approved Constitution. 

 The state governments  don’t have powers to appoint chairmen  of sport Associations,they are usually elected by players and Officials.So, Ntufam Inok Edim can come and try his luck and contest against Hon Orok Duke for the Chairmanship and get his Result.This can only be done through an election organise by NTTF not appointment. This act will attract sanction that will cripple Tennis  in Cross River state  by extension Nigeria. 

CANAAN TABLE TENNIS CLUB has raised table tennis sport to an enviable height in the state and has won medals for the state  and Country. But Elom should have known better and also advise his Excellency on this. His anointed Chairman can only head  through an election. 

Even the commander in chief of the armed forces can’t appoint NFF chairman. Else FIFA sanctions. 

The closure of the hall is malicious and  ill timed,  most especially at the eve of Olympic games in Tokyo and GEWO games in Turkey, there are other halls that need urgent repairs like Karate, gymnasium etc and not Table tennis hall as the matter of fact the whole stadium is in decay and ruins  and it is just the Table Tennis complex is your interest for closure and  CRS Sports Commission  with a minority share holding can not unilaterally take such decision… at least this is not a PDP Secretariat stop faffing and do the needful.

Renovation? Why now? Does that show articulation and effective planning?  When the whole of UJ Esuene stadium lies scattered and in ruins? 
Na Canaan Table Tennis hall you wan come renovate,wey nothing fo am?Dem no dey force person make e dance party ooo na dey beating and rhythms be am.

2) Canaan Table Tennis Hall was built in 2016, while the MTN Mast Lease payment was made in 2018. And is approved by CAC as a Private Business.

3)Aruna Quadiri was on our Payroll as a member of CRS Team and Funke Oshonaike even played for the Club in the last African Club Championship in Agadir,Morocco. Check your vouchers for 2013-2016. None if the Present winning stars is employed by CRSG. Canaan Table Tennis Club takes care of all their daily requirements. Let us veg Emmanuel Elom to show us even one letter of Appointment of any of these young crop of Stars.

Emanuel Elom, show character and integrity by giving his Excellency,Governor Ayade,  the true picture of the Table tennis Association in the state.

 Let the tennis players have access to train for a major competition  while you fix the other hall. 

The Canaan Table Tennis spirit does not lie in a physical structure, but in the loyalty and commitment of her players and Officials.The team has moved from Edgerley road, African club, Sports Club And finally to her home, in an edifice built by private funds.

The spirit is indomitable and will keep on progressing. Mr Emmanuel Elom, stop the lies now and open the Canaan Table tennis Hall for both PDP, APC and the general public to use.
It was not built by CRS sports Commission. Fact.

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