Their Gratitude To God Spotted Them For Supernatural Upliftment During Thanksgiving Service


Like every other Friday service,  it is usually characterised by one testimony to another, new faces, new challenges, but with same  one God ever ready to touch and heal the multitude irrespective of colour and tribe. His presence is in God’s Arena of Liberty outreach here in the city of  Calabar, Cross River state.   
A trial one faithful      Friday service shall put a smile and testimony in your life. There has never been none who came without a testimony. 

Friday’s Service of Thanksgiving was another testimony galore in Arena.  Alleluia!  Amen.  It was filled with  Life revealing testimonies showing that God of Arena is indeed alive. Come to Arena and receive the Light and Spirit of the living God and you will be blessed.

The Thanksgiving service tagged “Divine Encounter for supernatural upliftment” was indeed another awesome one with signs and wonders of God in action.  Believers from far and near came and they got their Divine encounter with God and were lifted,up to another spiritual realm..

As the theme implies, it was  Thanksgiving all through with references to the Holy Bible. 

1Chronicles 16:34 says”Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; hi love endures forever.” 

Colossians 3:15 “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful while Colossians 4:2 says “Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.” .

This was just the beginning.  The Arena was charged with prayers of Thanksgiving to the glory of God. 

Pastor (Mrs) Rita Kelvin  while presenting the intercessory prayers said today’s service is filled with alot of testimonies as many shall have Divine encounter with Jesus for their supernatural upliftment. “It gonna be a new dawn, a new story and  a new encounter with Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ” 

“As you wait upon the Lord today you shall receive your  supernatural upliftment,  a turn around and a breakthrough in Jesus Name Amen”.

Today’s service, she said, is for the restoration and opening of our files.  Files of martial life,  businesses, careers,  employment and above all our spiritual lives.

She prayed for judgement to come upon our enemies so that we can access our supernatural upliftment as recorded in  Ps  75:7.

She also prayed to God to renew our supernatural strength for us to withstand any challenge in our lives and let it be like a whirlwind. 

Pastor Kelvin also prayed for the release of supernatural package,  upliftment and the grace of God in the lives of believers. For further details read the following Bible verses 2Kings 2:1-4/Lev 26:4/Ps,75:7/Isa 40:31/Deu 28:4.and Job 8:7  respectfully.

Because He is God and He can never lie, Prophet Sunday Obi immediately began by making prophetic declarations as God through his Divine mercy directed him to do.  He saw them and sorted then out first amongst the people and imparted the Grace of God upon them that believed.

Moved by the spirit of God,  Obi sang a song so dear to his heart,  saying “My Lord,  I am on my Journey….. Alleluia “. This time around he did it alone with support from the keyboardist backing him up.  Thereafter,  the Arena Echo choir international took over with praise and worship songs.

The General Overseer Prophet Sunday Obi in his usual simplistic manner ushered the Guest speaker and Choir master of Arena, Pastor (Officer) Omini Ojah Eno (ACA) to present the “Word”.entitled “Divine Encounter For Supernatural Upliftment”

Pastor Eno  vividly gave the definition of “encounter “meaning a sudden and unexpected meeting with someone or something” while “Divine”encounter means a meeting between the natural man and the supernatural God. It is a beautiful and wonderful meeting with the Almighty God that catapults a man to a place of supernatural upliftment and divine breakthrought” 

He mentioned great men from that had divine encounter with God in the Bible such as Abraham, Jacob, Saul and Simon Peter amongst others. This can be confirmed in the following Bible verses Gen 12:1-5/32:24-30/1Sam 9:15-22/Luke 5:1-11.

He said that there are many divine encounter with God or with a Messenger of God.  An encounter with God guarantees total transformation of life and destiny, it makes a man’s  life to count, it transforms a nonentity into a celebrity,  terminates satanic agenda in a man’s life and catapults you to your place of supernatural upliftment .

The Minister of God maintained that for a man to access supernatural upliftment after a divine encounter,  he “must be born again, love God and things of God, have faith and absolute confidence in God,  live a holy and righteous life and adhere to divine instructions amongst others. 

The following Bible verses are very useful John 3:3/15:7/Heb 11″6/Prov 14:34/1Thes 5:18/Acts 16:25/ps 34:15/Prov4:13/1:7/5:23 and 1 Sam 15:22-23.

The Servant of God Prophet Sunday Obi said from the Word heard today,  there will be deliverance in Mount Zion.  Your gratitude to God or minister of God can speak for you.

He said that “negative encounter brings anger and bitterness in a man while Divine encounter brings joy, happiness and upliftment”. 

He said “until you are ready to have an encounter with God  you will  never be lifted”. This was backed up with Bible verses 1Sam 2:8/Gen 41:19 downward and Mk2:11-12  

Delivering the corporate prayers,  he prayed for single ladies in the program and the commission to be visited by their husbands, to have an encounter with God in their spiritual  lives, career, job and marriages.

He also praye1d for open doors,  to be located by our destiny helpers,  that every Hosea in our lives shall die, against every council of evil ones and as we pick the sword of the spirit of God,  let it destroy them all in Jesus Name Amen”.

Arena Echo choir international performed wonderfully to the glory of God.
.Highlight of the service include the Anoniting of little baby Kingdom by the Prophet and prayers on her.

Second quarter “Tarry Night” comes up August 20th, 2021 from 9 p m till dawn. The congregation also prayed for a sister who presented a “tear rubber Chair” for the Prophet to sit.

Next week is “blood sprinkling service “. The testimonies were poured out as usual during the service. A woman with her two sons from Lagos also testified what God did for her and the kids. It was awesome, wonderful indeed.

Deliverance, healing and prophetic declarations all came to pass as His word can never return void. New comers were welcomed.


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