Jesus: The Power That Sets The Captive Free


“One with God is majority. He is fearless, strong, compassion and has ever lasting life says an old adage. Jesus is power and the light of the world and whoever have Him has salvation in abundance.

Jesus is Lord and the Alpha and Omega. He is the comforter, redeemer, saviour and master of the Universe.

He rules the world and as such has the entire authority over heaven and the earth. Anyone who runs to Him shall have life in abundance and shall be set free. 

As the theme depicts, “the power that set the captive free,” is indeed appropriate. The service is the last Friday in the month of August 2021 at God’s Arena of Liberty Outreach, Calabar. The presence of  Jesus Christ set them free as they call upon His Name during the service.

The intercessory prayer was ably anchored by a spirit filled daughter of Zion, Pastor Jacinta Innocent. She prayed powerful prayer points that invited down the spirit of God as the entire Arena quaked.

You  could fill His presence in the air and around the premises for those who have ears and eyes to see. Indeed, it was quite an overwhelming experience.

At the end she thanked God for prayers answered as recorded in 126/Mk.3:27/2Cor.10:4/Job 42:10/James 5:16 and /Isa.49:26,

After the Intercessory prayer came testimony time where the goodness of the Lord overwhelmed the congregation.

The Arena Echo International choir as usual rendered a special number to usher in the guest speaker to present the Word of God.
 Thereafter, the Prophet in the house declared an “uncommon blessing amongst the congregation saying whosoever that is ready should be ready to carry as many packs as he/she could carry.

He introduced the daughter of Zion  Miss Kingdom Obi to the pulpit as she spoke through the voice of the Lord.

She sub titled the theme as ” Divine Protection From Captivity. God she said sends man to save us from captivity. He also sends man to liberate you.

“Sin, can hold you captive. Captivity can be a life style which if not managed can destroy a soul”.

As a Christian, you must stay under the cover of your mentor. God defends people for the sake of others  righteousness. The Prophet in the house is the one that has been defending us as our mentor. God is his mentor while he is our mentor on earth. Therefore, we should not go out of our mentor.

Believers should not speak evil of their mentor, nor get bittered nor discuss him so as not to encure the wrath of God unknowingly.

Don’t judge him in any manner whatsoever. Speak no evil against the servant of God. Your mentor is your mentor. He  is your spiritual father as recorded in Eph. 6:1/Luke 10:16. When you disregard your mentor, you have disregarded your God.

Rather than speak evil, you can offer advice to the servant of God and allow the God that called him to pass judgement on him.

Another aspect is carrying a stone like Jesus did. Jesus represents a stone in our lives. You are God’s precious stone. Learn to stay under the cover of your mentor. The job of a father is to protect his children. The power of Jesus is the only power that can bring you out of captivity.

The Servant of God, Prophet Sunday Obi who danced and sang several praise and worship songs, offered prayers over the situation in Afghanistan. He prayed for Christians in the country over their predicament.

He also prayed against what is happening in the country as a result of insecurity and shading of blood across the country with emphasis in Jos, Plateau state, Nigeria.

He declared, “I am free, I am free indeed”

“Captivity is a bondage in your life. Your heart must be circumcised to set you free”, he added.

He offered Thanksgiving prayer to God over the success of the last Tarry Night and said God had approved that there should be another tarry night before the end of the year.

Healing, deliverance, and anointing also took place during the service. Next service is the first  Friday in the month where worshippers were expected to give a tangible offering for the upkeep of the poor and the needy.

It was marvelous in His sight. Alleluia!!

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