God Wiped Away Their Tears And Restored Peace In Their Marriages As They Worshiped Him


“My God will do it, He is a Miracle God”.

It was another service dedicated to breaking of marital yoke and stagnation. 

Marriage in the first instance is an institution that is approved by the Almighty God from the beginning of creation.

In the beginning, it was Adam and Eve. Because it was blessed by God, Eve was created out of Adam’s rib confirming God’s endorsement¬†Ever since then, it had remained so till eternity. God after creation, saw that the whole thing was good and required habitation, he went ahead to hand over the earth to man to have dominion over them

Jer  29:6 says “Take ye wives, and beget sons and daughters; and take wives for your sons, and give your daughters to husbands, that they may bear sons and daughters; that ye may be increased there, and not diminished.”

The above word is God speaking indeed approving the marriage of a man and a woman.

Unfortunately, our sinful lives and attitudes have brought back untold stories to many marriages against the will of God.

Presenting the Intercessory prayer points, the ever ready and grounded Minister of God, Pastor Thompson Ubong, prayed against “every yoke of stagnation in our marriages to break, that every man or woman causing confusion in our marriages should be judged and that any evil spirit in our marriages should died.
He rebuked a situation such as that of Jacob in the Bible who was made to serve his master for over 20 years before he married 

Ubong prayed against the spirit of stagnation and commanded it broken in Jesus Name Amen. He prayed against any rope or token tied in our marriages to be destroyed.

Also, praying, he said poverty is a problem in marriage and called on God to destroy them in our lives. He prayed and commanded the spirit of dryness to be destroyed too.

Dating someone for 15 years is  an error and prayed that everything that was stolen in our relationship/marriages be restored. Restore my love, peace, understanding, light and happiness in our marriages.

“Oh Lord, reverse every evil pronouncement upon our marriages, relationship and take away any monitoring marriage 

He based his prayer points from the following Bible verses Isa.10:27/ 44:25/Job5:12/joel 2:25/ provb 10:22/Isa. 61:3 and Gen.29:1 respectively.

The servant of God Prophet Sunday Obi, General Overseer, God’s Arena of Liberty Outreach who had over a period of time had continually used his ministers to present the Word as a mark of building their capacity, was handy and as usual gave justice to the theme “Breaking the yoke of marital stagnation”.

” Man does not need to be alone. He needs an helper which is called a woman “.

 He said that there are two types of marriage, permissive will and perfect will marriages.

Satan, is always interested in marriage and hence those broken homes or marriages

The Prophet said ” your wife or husband can make you commit sin and die God made marriage to be an enjoyment for man.

Perfect will in marriage is a marriage of two man and woman connected  by God. He knows every woman’s heart. A woman is a mother to a man. A husband should learn how to appreciate her wife. He  needs to protect and preserve the wife at all times.

“Children in marriage are strangers, but a man and a woman lives forever until death part them. In marriage we need children. Love your wife to have a blessed marriage. Sincere marriages are always blessed by God”.

A wife material is always discipline, submissive, loving humble and caring. God joining a woman and a man is a perfect will. Marriage is an honourable institution. It must not be defiled. Perfect Will does not know third party. It stands tall and it radiates the spirit of God.

“Both man and woman  must be like brother and sister. They must be in agreement always, the Prophet said. If he is” Mr. Idiot, you are Mrs. Idiot, too.”

‘Your only duty is to love your wife while she is to be submissive and respectful always, he noted. Every woman is beautiful. The most precious gift God gave to a man is a woman. A wife material will always encourage the husband. There is a husband material too. He protects the wife any time. Her life is in your hands. God will hold you responsible if anything goes wrong”.

The General overseer went to state that “apart from God the next person a woman has is his husband period. She must not nag, abuse,insult or looked down upon. Keep your house open as a perfect wife. You must love everyone as you love your husband. In every successful man, there is a woman”

He condemned young ladies sleeping around with men before marriage. Age is not a barrier in marriage. You don’t rush into marriages. Pray for God to give you a perfect will marriage and not a permissive  will kind of marriage. Samson in the Bible is a typical example of a permissive will marriage.

A man or woman that is not born again is a permissive will.
The servant of God went on and on as the Arena Echo international choir cheered him up with praise and worship song as he delivers those afflicted with one problem or the other. The spirit was overflowing as he conducts deliverance.

The choir was at its best doing the business of eulogising the Almighty God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

His presence overwhelmed the powers of darkness and His light shun like never before as the demons bow before Him.

,”Their joy in marriage were restored by God to prove He is the only God  that can do what no man can do. God also wiped away their years and filled their mouth with joy”.

He made prophetic declaration concerning marriages saying from December 2021-April 2022, there shall be over 16 marriage invitation from God’s Arena of Liberty outreach.

Read Gen 2: 18/2:23-24.16:1-7/eph.,53’22/ and .16:5-7 respectively.
Important events are “I love my Pastor comes up on November 12, 2021, last Tarry Night of the year 26th. Nov 2021 while Women conference is on October 31 2021.

There were testimonies as usual while several persons got healing and deliverances

He called for more prayers for the country following the daily reports of shading of blood across the country.

Prayers were offered for all the sick ones in the service and they got their instant healing. First timers were welcome a and also prayed for as the service came to an end. Glory be to God. Alleluia! Amen! 

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