Rhema Care/Union Bank Plc Empowers Vulnerable Groups In Akpabuyo


The story of 20 households in Ikot  Okon Mma, Ikot Eyo ward in Akpabuyo Local Government Area of Cross River state have ultimately turned around as Rhema Care Integrated Development Centre (Rhema Care) an NGO in Nigeria distributed empowerment starter kits to vulnerable groups in the community.

This was done through support from Union Bank of Nigeria through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative called Helping our Community Rise challenge. 

The colorful event took place recently at the Apostolic Church, Ikot Okon Mma, Ikot Eyo ward in Akpabuyo Local Government Area of the state. 

Rhema Care was selected as a leading NGO in Cross River State by Union Bank of Nigeria through the Helping our Community Rise Challenge for NGOs in Nigeria. 

Flagging off the distribution of the starter kit to beneficiaries, the Executive Director of Rhema Care, Mrs. Kelechi Okoroji-Ejemson, who was ably represented by the Monitoring and Reporting Officer of Rhema Care, Mr. Chima Jeff Megwei.

 Mr. Chima Jeff congratulated the 20 beneficiaries while stressing that there is hope for the future if only they can grow and build from the support given. In his words, 

“Today marks a great turning point in the lives of all the beneficiaries. I am extremely happy to see you looking bright and ready to continue with your businesses after receiving your support….

Having been selected, there is need for you to manage your business to grow and use the profit to train or maintain your household. If this small token grows in your hands, there is every possibility that you will get more…”

The goal of the project is “Household Economic Strengthening” and is designed to support the livelihood of vulnerable and poor people in AKpabuyo Local Government Area in Cross River State.

 The project targeted the women and people with special needs (PSN). 

This is in line with one of the thematic Areas of Rhema Care which is Sustainable Livelihood: Improving food Security and sustainable Agriculture. Rhema Care is calling on all humanitarian organizations and corporate bodies to support this Noble project.

Sharing her experience, one of the beneficiaries Mrs. Mary INI Samuel, a soda soap maker, thanked God for being one of the beneficiaries to benefit from this Household Economic Strengthening project of Rhema Care. 

She promised to make judicious use of the funds given to her by ensuring that she works hard as well as save her profit for the rainy days.

..”I will save my profit always. We were advised to do so during the capacity building on business management and financial literacy”. 

“As I am talking to you now I have many customers to buy my products. The market is there for me. Thanks to Rhema Care and Union Bank of Nigeria”.

The climax of the event was the official distribution of starter kits to all the beneficiaries by Rhema Care staff led by Imabong Nseobot and Chima Jeff.

 The chief of the Village, Chief Offiong E. Offiong, thanked Rhema Care for their charitable work in Akpabuyo Local Government Area of Cross River State and other places they are working like Akwa Ibom, Benue, Taraba, Rivers State

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