God Of Truth Opened Their Books Of Remembrance To Confirm His Word


The Thanksgiving Service was indeed very remarkable as “praise and worship” reigned from the beginning of the service till the end.  Indeed, He is the God of Truth and Kindness. His mercies endureth forever. He does not discriminate nor devour his own.

Rather, He blesses all those seeks his face no matter the colour, race or religion. He is the Omnipotent God. He is Omniscience God. His blessings are abundant and abound around those who worship Him in truth and kind.

Thanksgiving, praises and worship activates God’s love on believers. He is the God that answers prayers. He is the Lion of the tribe of Judea. He is able God. He is Alpha and Omega. Call him the Mighty One in battle that is His Name.

And the theme for the Service is “And The Books Of Remembrance Were Opened”. And there were books and records before God. The book of life – which is the Word of God and book of evil (Satan) waiting for us to make a choice. It is a personal decision and individual race.

The psalmist in Ps. 69:27-28 prays that the wicked will be “blotted out of the book of life.”  But hear this from a  Mathew Henry, a servant of God, “God shuts not out any from that righteousness; the gospel excludes none who do not, by unbelief, shut themselves out. But those who are proud and self-willed, so that they will not come into God’s righteousness, shall have their doom accordingly; they themselves decide it”.

Conducting the Intercessory prayers, Pst. Mrs. Rita Kelvin, had referenced Mal.3:16/Ps.34:16/Deu.32:22 and Mk.11:21 to back up..

She prayed for opening of books in our marriages, career, employment and several other challenges of life facing us. Prayed to God to locate, rewrite our stories as well as opening our family and individual books for testimonies and blessing.

“Oh Father, let my uncommon miracle book be opened. I command that mother, father or uncle blocking my open doors to die, die in Jesus Name Amen!”

“Oh Father, who is that man or woman that says my book of remembrance shall not be opened, today I curse them to die. I rebuke them. Oh Father. I hold onto you, wipe  away my tears. Release my breakthrough. Remember me like Daniel, Shedrack, Meshach and Abadingo in the Holy Bible”. 

She decreed “your power, restoration, testimony and favour from God has come. Receive it in the Name of Jesus – Amen!.”

The “Word” “And The Books Of Remembrance Were Opened” was clinically and spiritually handled by the Mama of the House, Pst. Sarah  Abraham with the masters’ touch.

The message came down like fire and engulfed the entire premises as she began to prophesy the Word of God and the Angels took complete siege of the service to the Glory of God.

“Citing the Bible Ps.139:14-16 and Mal.3:16, she said that “God has books. And He keeps records”. This can be confirmed also in Jer.1:18/Rev 20:12″/

“They are books of life, judgment, covenant, memoria, war, generations, laws and remembrance”.

The Holy Bible is the book of remembrance. To give you power, power over circumstances and situations and above all to give you power over the devil. Alleluia!.

Furthering she said, “the importance of the Book of remembrance is amongst others to remind God of his purpose and Will for us, serve as a reference point and to bring His visitation, promotion, transformation, reward, blessing, vengeance and salvation”.

“You can activate opening of books of remembrance through prophetic declaration, prayers, requesting, good works, by sacrifice as well as Thanksgiving, she noted”.

The God of Truth opens the books of remembrance ” to reward his people, fulfill his promise, to stop the works of the devil, to give  answers to prayers and to make you triumph openly”.

“Negative words and evil doings can shut the book of remembrance from opening. But today every calamity against us shall be averted by the God of Truth – Amen she declared”.

“Today a stronger power (God) will meet you. He is the Lion of tribe of Judea. The Mighty man in battle. He is here right now if you believe. Jehovah is God. Jesus is still on His Throne. That seal upon your life shall be broken today”.

She prayed against evil books in our lives and seek the face of the Lord to intervene and let the books of our destinies be opened.

Read Deu29:21/Mal.3:16/Isa.,38:1-3/mal3:13/ Col.2:16 and Rev.20:12 for further understanding.

Expatiating further on the Word the General Overseer, Prophet Sunday Obi who as usual went into praises sang ‘the time to favour zion has come, I need my own miracle” as he joyfully danced to the glory of His “Master Jesus”.

He warned against what is happening in Anambra state and said  it may lead to another civil war in Nigeria and prayed over it. Bad governance is responsible for all these. He urged the government in power to sit up or face the wrought of God in no distant time.

He boldly condemned the proposed sacking of civil servants for not taking the COVID-19 vaccine by the Federal government and advised that the issue should be dropped.

He also condemned the Ekiti governor for asking that NYSC members should be trained and deployed to fight insurgents in the country. He described the call as ” wicked and unpopular”. Where are his children?.

He prayed Oh Lord God, “affliction shall not come in Nigeria the second time. Go to Anambra and bring peace.

There was a Thanksgiving song for a prayer answered.

“He prophesized you will be what God says you will be today. I am a winner and not a loser”.

The Servant of God quoted 1Sam.16:13 on how Daniel was rejected in the forest as recorded in the Bible.

“Enough is Enough. Today you will be somebody. Exd.3:7-10. And today your book of remembrance is opened. There will be a turnaround in your marriage, career, spiritual life and finances Amen.”

He called on the God of vengeance to come take over our problems and situations and open our books of remembrance. 

It was marvelous in His sight as the service saw many people testifying to the glory of God. Healing, prophetic declaration, deliverance took place as it were. And their books of remembrance were opened.

First timers were all welcomed to the glory of God.  November 12th and 26th, 2021 are “I love my Pastor” and last Tarry Night respectively while  there be special offering for humanity come first Friday in November.

Special prayers were offered for the sick across the World and those in attendance during the service.

The Arena Echo International Choir rendered wonderful praise and worship songs to drive the service and ministration.

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