God’s Mercies Manifested And Divinely Settles Them


It was a great and power packed Service Friday 5th,  November,  2021 at God’s  Arena of Liberty. 

The General Overseer Prophet Sunday Obi was actually in charge as the spirit and power of God manifested.    

The atmosphere was filled with the spirit and power of God.  You could fill it all around the premises. The Angels of God  can bear witness that the Spirit of God was manifest at the service as usual.

The service took another pattern entirely as the Servant of God presented the Word with the theme “Divine Settlement”,  This time around  with much reference to the Bible..
Singing  “I need a miracle in my life “, he joyfully danced and danced to the admiration of the congregation. 
He declared “somebody needs a miracle today. God is not a respecter of anybody. Somebody will go home celebrating – Amen!

He said  in “Divine Settlement”, you don’t struggle. No stress at all.  It comes at a time you lest expected. His settlement will come at the time of the Lord. However, there must be challenges before it comes”

“People would have insulted you or called you names.  The Bible story on Joseph is anexample as recorded in Gen 41:47-   . He was sold out by his own brothers.  They hated him,  but at His own time he was removed and a Prime Minister. 

Further more,  the Israelis  were rejected and abandoned for over 400 years but when God wanted to settle them,  He released blessings upon them like Joseph was settled in a strange land.  He lest expected that he will be chosen to be the Prime Minister 

Obi collaborated his teaching with Hannah story as recorded in 1Sam 1:11/19:20. Hannah made a vow to  God and redeemed it and God divinely  settled her with a son. She made a vow and God heard her. 
According to the servant of God,  Hannah went to the Prophet and he said go,  God has answered you. Vows can speak for you as well as bring open doors.  He went on singing “e di ebube Chineke,  e di  ebube onyewem” and moved to the crowd as he began to sort those with challenges one after the other.

Instantly, there were divine hand of God as their challenges were addressed. There was a new dawn in their lives. God wiped away their tears and filled their hearts with joy. 

Speaking further,  he told the story of Solomon how he was a great giver. He as a King never expect anything from his subject,  but rather he was giving to them. He loves God as he built a church for Him.   1king 3:3-14.

And he requested for wisdom and God obliged him. He gave him riches and wisdom.  He depended on God alone. There was no other god.v

He sang and sang and danced into the congregation as he does the Will of His Master Jesus .

He said you can only access Divine Settlement if you have “faith, you are prayerful,  sing praises and give Thanksgiving to God.  He fights our battles when we praise and worship Him.. 

The intercessory prayer points was taken by Pst.Mrs. Sarah Omini from 1Pet  5:10 But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, establish, strengthen, settle you.”

Oh Lord God, let me by your grace and power . Settle me today with a testimony,  Oh Lord God, settle whatever needs to be settled in my life.

Oh Lord God,  let my life hear the word of the Lord and receive divine settlement.  Any satanic conspiracy to steal my divine settlement, scatter them now in Jesus Name Amen. 

Earlier the special guest of honour ,Pst. Kalu Ekuman Kama of The Four Carpenters’ Church, through the grace of God had prayed for the congregation and admonished them to key into the theme of the service to receive their divine settlement from God.

God he prophesised will visit someone in today’s service. He also thanked God for what He is using His servant to do in Arena.

He declared “we have come with a heart to receive and may it be so in Jesus Name Amen.”Prv  16:1 The preparations of the heart in man, and the answer of the tongue, is from the LORD.

The corporate prayers were offered by the G/O,,Prophet Obi,, Rev..  Grace E. Sunday and Pst  Kalu Ekuman Kama to the glory of God .

They prayed against rejection/abandonment, for God’s mercies, for a change of story,  and against any plan on our destines. 
.Earlier,  the devil was put to shame as its plan to take the life of the Prophets’ wife was revealed and cancelled.. 

The prophesy came from Rev.  Grace Sunday. It was a very serious battle but God won at last. The service was extraordinary in the eyes of God.  There were healing, deliverance and prophetic messages to the congregation.

Last tarry night for the year comes up November 26th, 2021 while I love my Pastor is next week. Don’t miss it  Come with your loved ones and friends. God bless you 

Gladly, through the mercy of God,  two powerful ministers of God worshipped with Arena  What an uncommon divine blessing.

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