High Chief Akin Ricketts, is an emerging member of the national political class. 

He is a force to be reckoned with in the politics of Cross River State especially in Yakurr where he hails from.

 Politically, he has been a Commissioner for information in Cross River State, a Senatorial candidate in the 2019 elections, the immediate past Chairman, Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), and most importantly, he’s a very good man with a large heart! He is a successful professional, a visionary and also a challenge driven leader. 

Chief Ricketts is an articulate and naturally persuasive communicator, with a passion for developing both people and ideas. He is a man of character, integrity, honesty, humility and is very hard working. 

He is a great asset towards sustaining the peace, unity and development achieved thus far in the All Progressives Congress. As a passionate leader, who has devoted past years developing people of the Central Senatorial district and Cross River State APC Membership as a whole while canvassing for and supporting various candidates both financially and intellectually.

Chief Ricketts, has perhaps the most intimidating credentials in the political leadership of Yakurr,  small wonder he commands such an enormous followership across the Central Senatoral District.Chief Akin Ricketts, has matured to become a passionate leader, creative and result oriented, skilled in risk management and a strategic thinker. Also an excellent consensus builder and a man of few words. 

“As we set out to continue with the progress made in our constituency “The Central Senatoral district”,  our vision as captured in our Agenda Christened ” Expanded Prosperity Agenda 2023″ will focus on the improved well-being of our people, in terms of enhanced access to employment, education, training and business support, All geared towards poverty alleviation. 

We believe that life is about personal contributions, impact, values and relationships. Our immediate environment needs our imput, likewise our state needs our exposure and expertise. We can not afford to be international champions without positively affecting the lives of the grassroots. 

We recognize that a lot of work has to be done in various areas and therefore this Agenda seeks to focus  and prioritize strategies to achieve a positive impact on the quality of life of our people. What is essentially needed is the fine tuning of policies that have already set the tone of our prosperity as we jointly re-strategize to face the future, while carrying out a re-assessment of our past leaders efforts and strong desire to move rapidly forward and improve the living standards of our people.

 We intend, with the collaboration of the state and federal governments to make  Central Senatoral  a centre of people owned commercially viable ventures. This will open new vistas of opportunity for employment and wealth creation for our people. We also intend to attract attention to our constituency for geoscience data generation by the Federal Government in order to identify mineral deposits yet to be unveiled. 

In addition to tourism initiatives/developmental efforts of the present administration, we will highlight investment opportunities for the development of Agbokim Water Falls, Boki Wild Life etc and show case to the world these huge potentials in our state. 

We will encourage investments in Road Infrastructure to complement both our Agricultural and tourism sector for easier movement and Evacuation within the district. When achieved, the extension and expansion of these existing road networks will link communities/villages and towns in our various LGA’s. 

The ease of movement of our people, their goods and services will create job opportunities, stimulate the rural economy and reduce rural urban migration of our populace in search of ‘greener pastures’ 
Our development policies must deliberately target women as that tends to have a much greater impact on poverty reduction which underscores our emphasis on the role of women! “Educate a woman, you educate a nation”

Our vision on Youth development  aims at empowering our youths to be self reliant and socially responsible. The Youths in our senatoral district are our greatest assets towards our intended expanded prosperity of the central senatoral district. They are the most active segment of the population, whose energies if property harnessed will contribute largely to the expanded prosperity we seek. The best way to reduce poverty is to empower these segment of our society.

Inter communual strive and insecurity has presented a hugh challenge in our district.It will be heresy to feign ignorance as cases of warring communities seem unending. We will work assidiously with various security agencies, traditional institutions, local Authorities and the state Government to curb and finally put and end to this menace. It has been a scorge in the polity for too long, enough is enough, its time we pick up the gaunlet.

 In conclusion both during  campaigns and in office , I  will strive to truthfully explain my positions and actions in a clear and straight forward language. I will always listen to you and learn you because you that wear the shoes know where it pinches.  As part of this effort we will neither over or undersell the capabilities and limitations of my office to bring about change in the central senatoral district.

I recognize that your support for me represents a trust placed in my ability to fulfil the duties of the office. This trust will never be taken lightly, but instead will be met with a strong commitment of time, energy, and effective representation in order to actualise the wishes of you, my electorate. This diligence includes a pledge to work towards delivering the highest (never before seen) quality of service to our people at the least possible time.

May God in His infinite Awesomeness bless us all.”

Mr. Ben Okache,Chairman CR, NIPRWrote from Calabar

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