C’River: Calabar State Capital Records First Rain Of The Year

BY: Nick Nwaneri, Calabar

Calabar, state capital of Cross River state hss recorded  first heavy down pour  of the year amidst joy and Thanksgiving to God.

The rain was received by residents as a relief from God because of the high temperature resulting to heavy heat every day.

Occasioned by the  “no light syndrome’ by Power holding company, the heat had become unbearable by the residents as they openly complained.

However the coming of the rain this 9th day in March, 2022 is seen as great relieve from God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth who is all knowing.

It rained for over three hours from 4p.m till 6pm.

As a result the high temperature had drastically returned to normalcy as at the time of filling this report.

The rain which came with heavy windstorm, pulled down economic tress like plantain, avocado trees, orange trees well as the roof of some buildings.

Most of the major street were filled with dirts  which littered and covered the streets, thereby making it very difficult for motorists to drive home freely.

Despite the destructions, residents expressed joy and happiness that the rain has come to stay and to hell with power holding company for now.

There is absolute quiet and cool evening following the down pour.

The coming of the rain had signified the beginning of farming season and possibly bumper harvest this year 2022.

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