They Heard And Obeyed The Prophets’ Instructions And Received Their Breakthrough


Speaking, Jesus says in John 14:23 that in the same act of love for him, we must comply with whatever God has commanded for it is our duty to do so.

“Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them.”

“People who obey God’s instructions always experience the miraculous. Obeying God’s instructions through the Prophet can turn lack into abundance, failure into success, shame into glory, and the ordinary into extraordinary.  This is what is lacking amongst believers today. Lack of faith and obedience to the Word of God has held hostage our breakthrough in life. Until we begin to change our narrative towards God, our breakthrough will continue to delay.

What is that burden, affliction, challenges, load and sickness that will not allow you to believe what God says about you through His Prophet? We ought to remember that God is the only wise God  as recorded in Jude 25, “He knows the end from the beginning (Isaiah 46:10), and He knows what lies in the darkness”.

The Bible says in Daniel 2 verse 22:  He revealeth the deep and secret things; he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with Him”.
    Therefore, the theme for this Service ” Business And Career Breakthrough” is very appropriate and timely in the sense that “we are the ones holding our breakthrough in business and career because we refuses to hide to prophetic declarations or instructions in our lives.

The Prophet is the eye of God on earth. He sees and hears directly from His Master God and releases same to believers who most times ignores them due to disobedience and lack of Faith.

But today, because they heard and obeyed His Prophet, their breakthrough came in abundance,Alleluia – Amen.

That is God for you. He loves all with the same degree. No discrimination of colour nor race. He is merciful and adoring always.

Hence, the powerful intercessory prayer points from a seasoned Minister, Pastor Thompson Ubong who in his usual humble manner put the Word across to the people via prayers.

He prayed for God’s mercy, grace, promotion, direction, knowledge, wisdom and excellent spirit in our collective and individual lives

According to him, “in whatever you seek to do, please the face of yhr Lord. Hear Him first before venturing into the business or career pursuit in life”.

He prayed that God should water our garden ad sons and daughters of His. Give us the mouth to speak and wisdom for our businesses to be accepted, we shall not beg in 2023, pull down whatever that is standing as a blockage in our business and career and remove stagnation, poverty and make us to bear good fruits in Jesus Mighty Name Amen.

The following Bible verses can be of tremendous help  Ps.127:1/Heb.3:4/1Cor.3:6-)/Lk.5:4 and Ge.26:12 respectively. Study for understanding of the intercessory prayers.

It  was indeed His Word that came out of His Servant as directed by the Holy Spirit.

Before now, the Servant of God, Prophet Sunday Obi, had cited Mat. 18:18, urging the congregation to key into all the testimonies and get their breakthrough in their businesses and career because testimonies are confirmation of God’s blessing and favour in our lives.

“Prophetic testimonies are very strong and should not be taken for granted. Key in one another’s testimony, you will certainly get yours”.

“And as they obeyed His Prophet, their breakthrough manifested instantly through the help of the Holy Spirit”.

Now, it was time for the guest speaker to deliver the “Word’, the Prophet in the House, humbly ushered in the Mama in the Ministry, a powerful Vessel of God, in the person of “Mama Sarah Abraham” to the pulpit.

She was received with a rousing ovation signifying the presence of the Holy Spirit. And she at the end did justice to the message. 

It was brief, concise and straight to the point. The Angels applauded the message. It went well. There was joy, happiness and brightness in the spirit world at the end.

God delivered His message as a perfect God. No blemish. It was row and direct. 

God wants us to prosper and He approves of us doing business. Ge.1:15/Rom.12:11/lk.2:49 etc.

Our career is designed by God. He knows who we are before creation. He gives career as recorded in Ex.3:1-3/Ge.25:27. But you need to identity your skill and develop it.

God wants us to succeed and prosper 3jh.1:2/Isa.48:17/Zech.1:17. Prosperity is succession of success (see Gen.26:12).

She admonished that we need guidance to have our breakthrough in business and career because promotion comes from God. You further read Isa.48:17/ps.74:6/Gen.26:2-)/Acts 16:9 and Gen.30:37-43).

For us to succeed in our career, businesses, we need right information, right attitude, hard work, professionalism, giving, sowing quality seeds and Thanksgiving. Stop cheating. This is a very great and big sin in God’s sight.

However, you can be innocent of all the above, yet no breakthrough, this time, it is the gods of the land, curses, altar speaking against you, unseen or invisible barriers, 1Cor.16:9/Zech 1:21″.

“Obey the instructions of the Prophet. God does not need to take permission from you to anoint a Prophet. Prophet don’t need people, read Mat.10:41/2Chr.20:20/ H.12:13.”

“If you don’t believe in a Prophet, don’t criticise him”.

Let God today and in this service honour Prophet Sunday Obi ad he honoured Elisha and give us our breakthrough in Jesus Name Amen.

The Servant of God,  Prophet Obi, had declared the service as a Covenant Day for business and career breakthrough and blamed our trauma on our faith and attitude.

“Most of us are lazy, greedy, envious therefore, putting up barriers on our breakthrough. But when you put your trust in God, obey his instructions, things will change for good ‘.

“You must learn how to sow in your life for you to get favour from God. Give your tithes, sow quality seeds, feed your pastors, ministers. These are factors to open doors and breakthrough”.

“There must be grace in your career and business to have a breakthrough. Your marriage needs grace to succeed. Every thing you do in life needs grace of God. If there is no grace, forget.”

“God is a wonderful God, but Sir have failed Him over and over because of flesh. However, he had promised that there is going to be breakthrough in this service today”.

“Don’t borrow to do business. It don’t work. Be wise, ring to our pastor or spiritual father to pray for you before you venture into the business”.

He sang and danced as the Arena Echo International choir entertains the congregation during the service.

Obi offered several corporate prayers asking God to allow the theme for the service speak for us, every knee to bow, every tongue must confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord”


There was shout of Jesus/Blood of Jesus(14) times as healing began to take place among  the congregation.

There was restoring in the house of God. Prayer was offered for all single ladies in Arena to get married before the end of the year.

It was God’s favour, favour all the way as there shouts of joy and happiness in the house. It was a glorious service. He was present indeed as He performed signs and wonders.

The expected  first Tarry Night of the year, comes up Friday 25th, March, 2022 by 9pm prompt. Invite your family and friends. It is going to be powerful and great.

The theme is:”Pulling Down And Destroying Demonic Strongholds – Jeremiah 1:10 and 2nd Cor 10:4″.

Praise Master Jesus, Alleluia!

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