God Of Host Answered… Even Before They Called Upon His Holy Name

BY: Phil Adams/Vitalis Ugoh Calabar

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Alleluia! 

The testimonies of the day awed the worshipers as God by His spirit confirmed everything spoken through His servant Prophet Sunday Obi to those who believed.  

Most peculiar testimonies came from the families of Justice  Bassey Tambo Ebuta, who out of humility, responded promptly to the call of God’s servant in bathroom slipper the first day his wife attended the fellowship and Mr & Mrs John Gabriel, who after having  two sons, had miscarriages due to human wickedness.

In obedience to the prophet’s directive, God has blessed them with another baby which was brought to the fellowship for blessing before going home from hospital.  All the glory must be to the Lord. 

Another prophetic word was given concerning the Justice which will surely come to pass while his wife was conferred with the title, “Mother of GAOL.” 

The three Fridays praise directive concerning God’s plan for our blessed Nation come 2023 elections came to conclusion on Friday.  

This was concluded by further corporate and very powerful prayers for the Nation, the type that never was before. “Jehovah, the Mighty man in battle, the consuming fire, the One who fights by air, land and sea, arise and the defeat the perpetrators.  Hallelujah!!!  

Pastor (Engr.) Richard Eleng, the guest speaker gave the Word with the THEME: “OH LORD ANSWER ME TODAY”,  in a most articulate way. 
Taking his teaching from Psa.143:1-7, saying that there are three ways God answers prayers, “Yes, No, Not yet”.

“Prayer is a spiritual interface that connects the natural to the supernatural. Jesus often communicated with God through prayers”.

Prayers, he says, “help to overcome temptation, opens ways to access God, platform for spiritual revival and it unlocks our blessings”.

Condition for answered prayers are, you must be born again, service to God, according to the Word, and it must be from the heart”.

Also, “you must have faith, forgiveness and among others, ask in His Name Jesus Christ”.

Pst. Eleng went on to say, that prayers has benefits such as changing situations (1Chron. 4:9-10, it averts evil, gives direction, provides solution to your problem 1Pt.5:7, it brings deliverance Acts12:10-11) and provokes the help of God (Heb.4:16/Psa.46:1).

Prophet Obi threw more light on the word and without waste of time  commenced prophetic ministration. 

He says”today as we believe God is restoring and changing our stories for good”.

Obi prayed against pepetrators of evil in Nigeria. He cried out to God take control of the 2023 general elections and give a leader with the fear of God.

“He prayed with water and proclaim that those sponsoring evil and killings, as they bathe and drink it they shall all die in Jesus Name Amen”.

He sang and danced to the glory of God.

God never leaves GAOL without  witnesses of his marvelous acts in our midst. It was a new beginning for those whom the Prophet ministered to prophetically besides others who had divers encounters with the power of God.

Tell you what! “When power jam power, satan power go bow,”  courtesy of the God of GAOL…..”This kind of God, I never see.”  

The Feet Wash session, saw the Prophet himself in practical demonstration of the washing of worshippers feet with his lovely wife assisting. 

This in deed portrays him as a true servant like his Master Jesus. (Jn 13:5). 

Intercessory prayers taken by Father Abraham was unparalleled.He took his point from Psa.51:1/90:14). Others are from Isa.65:24/59:2-3/Psa.90:14-15/51:1, respectively.

He prayed for God’s mercy upon his people and the nation especially in 2023 general elections. 

Papa Abraham also prayed against any yoke fighting his people, prayed for mercy and forgiveness and turnaround in our lives. 

Earlier, Pastor Ubong Thompson had spiritually handled the opening session.

The music ministers never fall short of their duty during service. Just on beck and call, they are ever ready to deliver to the glory of God.

There was healing, deliverance to and prophetic messages during the feet washing service.

The second quarter of “Tarry Night” come August 26th, 2022.Come one!, come all!!.

Remember that our counseling days are Mons Weds while prayer mountain is Mon Tues Weds.

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All thanks and praise be to God for making all these testimonies possible.  
“Jesus is Lord!”.

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