Factional Chairman: A Mole To Labour Party In Cross River

BY: Nick Nwaneri, Calabar

The Acting Chairman of Labour Party in Cross River State, Mr Godwin Amoikwen, has accused one Ogar Osim who claims to be factional chairman of the party of being a mole planted by enemies of democracy to frustrate the vision of the party in the state.

Amoikwen, who is also the political Commission Chairman of Organized Labour in the state made the allegetion while speaking in an interview with our Correspondent.

 He alleged that Osim who is parading himself as the state chairman of the party was acting the script of unknown persons who have sponsored him to come and cause confusion in the party.

In his words, “in every election cycle, those in authority, know that Labour Party is always the choice fallback option of credible politicians who usually flock to it because of fear of comprised primary elections are desperate to always have malleable and conscienceless persons as chairmen of the Party.” 

“By so doing, they can easily manipulate the elections in their favour”.

He observed with dismay that before every election cycle there had always been a power tussle in Labour party due to its lucrative position as chairman of IPAC, which is a government creation.

“It was on that premise that the leadership of Labour conceived the idea of taking back the party from career politicians for refusing to follow the tenets of the founding fathers of the party, he further alleged”.
 “As expected, the factional Chairman of Labour party is the Chairman of IPAC and his close ally is chairman of CNPP.”

Interestingly, the Labour party in Cross River State which has been embroiled in a factional war since INEC kicked off activities for the 2023 elections does not seem in any way ready to resolve its internal wranglings. 

“The stakes in this election cycle, he noted, has become very high since Peter Obi defected from the PDP to the party and became its standard bearer. The tussle for leadership is unrelenting as both sides dig deep into their trenches”.

Recently, Organized Labour, which is one of the contending factions in a press conference held at its Secretariat, dissociated itself from the activities of Ogar Osim’s Exco, describing it as unilateral in its decision making and corrupt. It thereafter passed a vote of no confidence on it.

In a series of press releases and interviews, Ogar Osim has accused Organized Labour of shirking its responsibilities of catering to workers’ welfare by dabbling into politics.

In a bid to stem the tide of mud -slinging, “CORRECT FM”,a private radio station invited both parties to a live program. But tempers were ignited with the appearance of the Chairman of CNPP, Mr Ally, as a member of Ogar Osim’s team.

When contacted by our correspondent to talk on happenings under his purview, the state chairman of NLC Mr Ben Ukpepi, redirected him to Chairman of Organized Labour’s Political commission, Mr Godwin Amoikwen.

Speaking, Amoikwen insisted that he is the authentic Chairman of Labour party in the state, adding that based on the principle of succession, he succeeded Mr Inde who held the portfolio before he left for a higher calling. 

According to him, in 2020, he was validly appointed by the State chairman of Organized Labour to act in interim capacity pending the conduct of congresses.

He challenged Osim to show the world the Labour party secretariat he operates from and challenged him on his constant romance with government and the warped logic of meeting journalists in government house rather than at the recognized Press Centre.

He said; “I challenge Ogar Osim to prove that he is not a mole meant to pocket the party for his paymasters through IPAC, CNPP and destabilisation of Labour Party in the state”.

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