God Of Miracle Manifested In His Glory And Saved His People 

BY: Phil Adams/Vitalis Ugoh, Calabar

History keeps repeating itself at God’s Arena Of Liberty aka “Enough is Enough”(GAOL) as Almighty God continually manifests His wonders diversely in our midst.  

He blessed us with a clement weather and yet another overflow during Friday’s Service.

Pst Sarah Omini

Intercessory Prayers were eye opening, just as worship and praise can best be described as “draw me nearer Lord.” Everything pointing towards the Theme titled:  BACK TO SENDER which is very much Biblical according to Ps 35:8; Ps 7:16.

And the ever committed Minister of God, Pastor Thompson Ubong, as usual presented the Intercessory prayers as he prayed on so many points asking God to “send back to sender” which was the theme of Fridays service.

He prayed “asking God to help recover whatever the devil has stolen from them, against any pit that the enemy has dug let it be destroyed and let the enemy fall into the pit and that any pronouncement made against myself, family, marriage etc shall not stand, but rather back to sender”.

“Oh God my Lord, any conspiracy against my children, wife, husband and relations shall not work, let those that have conspired face whatever plan they had planned against us in Jesus Name Amen”

“Oh God my Lord, let the wicked suffer death, as their enterprise shall not work. Oh Lord cause them to die and eat their flesh and drink their blood”. Any one that has laid or poured libation against shall die. Destroy them through their own libations. Today all the native doctors shall die and whatever they have prepared to hurt or harm us shall be rubbished by the Blood of Jesus Name “.

To confirm the Intercessory prayer points, you can read the following Bible verses Esther 3:9/6:11-13/Dan 3:16/Lam.3:37/Psa.27:2 and Isa.44:25 respectively.

The guest speaker Mrs Sarah Omini was on fire in her presentation with intermittent prayer with worshipers expressing Holy anger against the enemy.

“Life is a battle, but victory is sure”. Believers need to stir or be aggressive in the spirit every time because this world is full of wickedness.”


She raised prayer points to get the congregation charged in the spirit and the atmosphere was ignited as it were.

“The physical is controlled by the spiritual as we need to be spiritually alert and prepared always”.

The theme “back to sender ” is Biblical, saying if the God of vengeance and God of back to sender doesn’t arise, the enemy will not flee”.

According to her, “christians ought to pray back to sender prayers so as to keep the enemy and the evil plotters far away from believers. Psa.94:1/68/1Kig.13:1-4”.

Also Psa 7:16 says “His mischief shall return upon his own head, and his violent dealing shall come down upon his own pate.” Read Psa. 109/140/64 for further understanding.

She prayed against any arrow that has been shot at us back to sender and thereafter called for Altar Call.

Then came Prophet Sunday Obi, God’s servant explosively with “Word” missiles against the world of darkness. Certainly, there was commotion in the camp of the fallen one and his agents. Thank God who has made a way of escape for His children in His word.

Testimonies of today were sensational and like last Friday, three were outstanding.  First was that of a young man Amos Augustine, who was raised from the dead through the hand of God’s messenger by  the Holy Spirit.

According to his testimony, he had already crossed to the other world. He was never going to church before now and vowed to remain and serve God in GAOL henceforth. Also he was delivered from dirty demonic oppression. 

Next was the testimony of Pastor Jacinta Innocent which led God’s servant in Holy bitterness and on his knees, to pass a judgemental sentence on the lady behind the dog attack Pastor Jacinta had and worse still that the said lady castigated the Prophet of God.

The third was that of Mr. Edet the drummer in GAOL,  whose home was gutted by fire that destroyed all he owned. Thank God that they are alive as he and his family were in church when the ugly incidence occurred. Our God is good, ever faithful and ever dependable.

The testimonies were very touchy and soul winning as he openly gave his life to God throughout the rest of his life. So told a story of how he never went to church for a whole year. “But I have come to give my life to Christ he says”. I will work and die in this commission because God resides here. I have seen his manifest presence here”.

Prophetic ministrations were most powerful, ranging from deliverance from demonic oppressions, cancelation of impending deaths,  aversion of accidents, healings even via phone conversion and many others.

Earlier, Prophet Sunday Obi, God’s own General, had declared Fridays service as a “Divine service for open doors as every hidden testimony shall unfold in our lives today in Jesus Name Amen “.

Prophet’s Wife and the Queen

Back to Sender is real. You learn to reject it always because whatever you reject here on earth is rejected in Heaven. Matt.18:18 “Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” 
He prophesied that “today somebody must come to you to say I am sorry. Today favour shall locate you. Your enemy shall fall into the pit they dogged for you.”

And, the Prophet danced, danced and danced to the beautiful rendition supplied by the Arena Choir as led by the Holy Spirit during the service.

Matt.6:33 says “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”
 He sights lack of the Word of God and faith in believers’ lives as major problem for not getting our blessings. “Roms.10:7”

Prophet Obi took to offer corporate prayers for believers and the nation especially in 2023 general elections. He prophesied that there are going to be four political presidential candidates, but Peter shall defeat Kwankwaso with a small margin to emerge as President. There shall be resistance but he will be declared winner.

He prayed against evil arrows in our families, children, wives and husband, against rape, kidnapping, killings as well as other social ills that had returned in Cross River state.

Stones were anointed and blessed to be used by worshippers as weapons of warfare according to directives.

Corporate prayers on warfare were said and special judgemental prayers on crime perpetrators in Calabar were also tendered to God.
 The second quarter Tarry Night comes up on August 26th, 2022. Come with your family and friends. Counseling remains Mon-Wed while prayer mountain is Mons/ Tues/ Weds. 

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We give all the glory to God for his wondrous acts.

Seeing is believing. Come and see for yourself. 
Jesus is Lord!

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