The Supernatural Grace Of God Wiped Away Their Sorrows And Healed Them Permanently

BY: Phil Adams/Vitalis Ugoh, Calabar 

The God of God’s Arena Of Liberty (GAO) is Mighty, awesome, all powerful, always wonderful, ever merciful, most gracious. None is like Him.  
It was yet another memorable Friday with the demonstration of the Majesty of God. The meeting was glorious all through.  

The Theme for the day, GRACE FOR SUPERNATURAL BREAKTHROUGH was ably depicted by occurrences of the day. 

Pastor Richard Eleng had conducted the intercessory prayers which prepared the minds of worshippers for the word. 

He raised prayer points on supernatural grace of God as well as against any altar in our families.

The Mother of the Ministry, Pastor Sarah Abraham, was the guest speaker. Her presentation was a blast as she unfolded the Theme: GRACE FOR SUPERNATURAL BREAKTHROUGH. 

Mama Sarah Abraham remarked that the reason the gospel is preached is to confirm the word of God with signs and wonders. 

The Grace we are referring to is that which supersedes the supernatural and borne out of love. It gives the wisdom of God and power of God. Grace grants the Holy Spirit to believers and it is the spirit of God in man.  Grace gives man the ability to do the impossible.

The manifold dimensions of Grace is manifest in evangelic, teaching, apostolic, pastoral, and prophetic ministries. Every grace, she pointed is to comfort man. (Lk 5:17, Mk 16:20; Zech 14:6-17;  Jn 3:16; 1 Cor 1:24; Mtt 28:18; Zech 4:6;). 

The supernatural consist of both positive and negative. (Jms 2:19; Ps 124:7; Eph 3:10). 

The New Testament centers on the Holy Spirit. Breakthrough she says is to succeed by the Holy Spirit. 

To enjoy Grace man must be humble, born again and have hope for eternal life. (1Pet 5:6; Jn 3:16; Jn 1:12). 

The Prophet, God’s own General, Pastor Sunday Obi encouraged worshippers to read their Bibles citing instance where a moslem worn  N5,000.00 price for giving the correct answer to a Bible question amidst “Christians”. The other reference was that of a man who broke his calabash of water after so much trouble to get it home. 

He said as Christians at the time you are about to get your reward, you fall because of trials and temptations. At this point the congregation was asked to pray and ask for mercy: and that after preaching Christ to the world, they should not fail to do His will and loose heaven. *The auditorium by this time was full to capacity. (1 Cor 3:6-8).

In his sermon, he stressed that no matter how you struggle, without the hand of God in your life you are wasting your time. Peradventure, you lay hand on a sick person and he gets healed and you go to open a church, you will fail. That is when they go to look for alternative powers to perform miracles because the Grace is not there. 

He explained how that by the hand of God, he was able to disarm and overpowered 3 solders at his duty post in Ikom by 2am. Breakthrough can only come by the hand of God.  That is called grace for supernatural connection.

Breakthrough he said, supersedes and gives authority but this can only be by grace. When grace speaks for you, people look for you. “Grace pass grace.”  Grace brings positive change according to God’s plan and purpose.  Grace will catapult you to where you shouldn’t be ordinarily. Grace  took David a forgotten shepherd boy and made him  King. Grace enhances the potentials of God in you. (Ps 127:1;  Jer 29:11;  Esther 2:17;  1 Sam 16:13;).* 
Finally, worshippers were told to ask God genuinely for supernatural health, protection, provision and any other area they desire.  Prophetic ministration followed immediately. 

Thank God for Prophet Obi who took worshippers further and deeper into the word for more understanding of the Theme. This calls to mind “..He makest me to lie down in green pastures…” Ps 23:2. 

Praise for the nation towards 2023 elections was not left out even as corporate and personalised prayers were tabled before God. 

Prophetic ministrations and deliverance session was reminiscent of years back. The prophet was in top form and touched many lives by the “Grace” of God upon him. 

Some were delivered from all forms of oppression while others were set free from death traps, sicknesses, influence of evil altars, hopelessness, evil moneys, curse of no marriage/bear children out of wedlock and more. God be praised. 

It is worthy to note that testimonies from previous meeting positively impacted worshippers. They range from Financial blessings, escape from accidents, marriages/birth of grandchildren, healing and restoration of strength by divine experience after embracing the prophet of God. Jesus did all these and you shall be the next to testify. Hallelujah!!!!

In the course of the service, worshippers were urged to pray and ask God for mercy three times which was very unusual and significant. 

Secondly, He released powerful prophetic blessings on all those who came early, ranging from divine protection to financial and, business breakthroughs, exemption from death and God’s covering. 

The Music Ministers’ special rendition was intriguing while the worship and praise period was glorious. 

The service also featured the LORD’S SUPER.  On this occasion worshippers were made to serve themselves which  took place simultaneously. (Mtt 26:26-29).  Prayer before and after the communion focused on  Grace besides other personal issues.

In appreciation, special blessings were pronounced on the Instrumentalists as well as the Music Ministers for their dedication to the service to God. 

You need to come and see for yourself what God is doing in GAOL. Bring your family and friends for your own “Breakthrough” by His “Grace”. You will never regret it. 

Altogether, about 25 adults/children new coverts and 27 first timers was recorded. To God be the glory. 

The next TARRY NIGHT is slated for Friday, 26th August, 2022. The Theme is GRACE FOR A NEW BEGINNING. 

Next Friday fellowship is tagged: BUSINESS AND CAREER BREAKTHROUGH.  This is significant as it will mark an end to the old era  and open a new era during the Tarry Night.

The Lord did all these and it is marvelous in our sight.
Jesus is Lord.

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