The Power Of “Praise” Held Sorrows And Pains Bound During Friday’s Service

BY: Phil Adams/Vitalis Ugoh, Calabar

“Our God is awesome, He reigns from heaven above with wisdom, power and might. He is glorious in Holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders? Hallelujah!!! (Ex 15:11).”

The Intercessory prayers usually kick start the service proper. This important session was conducted by an upcoming young spirit filled minister of God, Pst. Abraham Ndifon. All thanks to Almighty God who has used the Prophet in the House to build ministers for the Kingdom advancement..

He read 1 Sam 12:6-11 “And Samuel said unto the people, It is the Lord that advanced Moses and Aaron, and that brought your fathers up out of the land of Egypt” to buttress his prayer points.”

He led prayers for wealth, favour, blessings and above all a better Nigeria.

The young minister of God prayed against doers of wickedness in our lives, families, marriages, career and the church of God.

He prayed for restoration of any favour or blessings stolen from us by the evil ones in our families and mercy from God. He referenced Ge.14:16/1Sam.30:8/Nu.2:23-24/Da 10:13/Exd 3:8 amongst others.

You could fill the presence of the the Holy Spirit during the Intercessory prayers. Alleluia!

The Arena Echo International  was at its best in their ministration starting from worship, praise and special rendition. The various praise sessions saw intermittent ministrations and diverse encounters as the glory of God moved mightily. This attracted,  special prophetic declarations over them. Same applied to the instrumentalists as the choir cannot minister in isolation. Praise God.

The Arena Echo International choir was “good” in her performance. The Angels could also testify. The congregation applauded them with great joy after her “Special Number”.

The General Overseer of GAOL, Prophet Sunday Obi, the Prophet, commenced ministration by setting free a young boy of about 11years from spirit of witchcraft/python.Β 

Following further ministration by Prophet Obi,  a lady  barrister  was set free from madness caused by a man whose money she accepted and ate but refused to marry, another lady was set free from family deity by praise/dance and word of knowledge given for child birth/ dedication in 12 months, a man was set free from stagnation/lingering death, another was healed of blurred vision, a man was liberated from monitoring spirit(vulture) and a host of others. All thanks to God.  

Thereafter, the Prophet in the house, Prophet Sunday Obi, popularly called God’s own general, made prophetic declaration as we enter the month of September ushering favour, blessings, testimonies and signs and wonders in our lives and families.

He gave Thanksgiving to God for disgracing the “kidnappers” who came around during the Tarry Night but were arrested by the power of God. Glory be to God. Amen!

Obi pronounced a curse upon “419” people trying to use his name to defraud innocent people. This September shall not pass them. They shall be caught and will be killed. It is done. Nobody tries me and go scout free. I am half man, half spirit. God has heard my prayers.”

Also, our Guest Speaker, was another upcoming minister/Woman of Honour, Pst. (Mrs) Esther Charles. She spoke on the theme “God Still Works Wonders Through Praise”.

She described Praise as the celebration of faithfulness and lovingkindness of God irrespective our sorrows or pains. Ps.92:1-2.

“We use praise to secure God’s presence in any situation. When we give God our heartfelt praise, He releases His signs and wonders”.

She says “wonders”  can be linked to strange and marvelous. It is one of the result of praises to our Heavenly Father”.

Speaking, she reeled out a number of benefits acurable from Praises. It provokes strange orders of favour, Mk6:22-23.

There is anointing in praise via the Holy Spirit (Ps 92:1-3), fearful praises to God makes him to cause our enemies to tremble (Exd15:11), it acts as supernatural fertilizer which brings natural yield to all our seeds sown, Heb.13:15-16, it provokes answers to prayers and the more praiseful you are, the more victorious you become. Alleluia!

She  says “Thanksgiving and praise must become our lifestyle if we must adventure in the Kingdom of God.”

In line with the Theme, Prophet Sunday Obi before proceeding on the word, lead the congregation in a powerful praise session which led to the manifest move of the hand of  God. Glory to God. His teaching was a practical demonstration of the unfailing majesty of God in doing wonders through praise.

Speaking further, he said; Praise makes the unimaginable to happen. He added that if you believe and trust in God, challenges will go. Meaning, the theme can as well be  referred to as “PRAISE FOR SUPERNATURAL TURNAROUND

The message was loaded and coincise that the Servant of God, Prophet Sunday Obi, heard God saying “sing praises” and he directed the International choir to do as directed by God for 10 minutes and healing and restoration took place instantly.

“Until you are soaked with the power of God, the everlasting doors and gate will turn you upside down. Read Ps.92:12-15 for more understanding.’

He admonished believers to praise God always to access his wonders.Β 

There was an opportunity for personal supplications during the service. 

Numerous testimonies registered include, imminent death of aged mother in-law averted, birthday/divine sustenance after retirement, working with God’s servant on retirement after failed attempt to get another job/turnaround following, financial breakthrough, appreciation of God for Pastor Obi, Child delivered from demonic hands/glorified God for successful child dedication.  

No prayers were said. Being a meeting showcasing  Praise as God’s medium of still doing wonders, singing praises and dancing to God stood tall on the whole. Some people encountered the Holy Spirit in the process. It was real buggy down where people danced and celebrated God for who He is, all He has done, is doing and will do. The service truly answered to it’s Theme: GOD STILL DOES WONDERS THROUGH PRAISE.

“Life without Christ is full of Crisis. Therefore, if you have not accepted Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, please say this prayer with all sincerity and confidence: “Lord Jesus, I come to you today; I am a sinner. Forgive me my sins. Cleanse me with your Blood. Deliver me from sin and Satan to serve the Living God. Today, Lord Jesus, I accept you as my Lord and saviour. Now I know I am Born again.”  (Jn 3:3).”

We return all the glory to God Almighty for a wonderful time in His presence.

Next week Friday service is “Communion Service”.

There was overflow as usual. God is in His Throne forever and ever Amen.
Jesus Is Lord!

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