Praises To God Broke Protocol And Gave Them Permanent Victory

BY: Phil Adams/Vitalis Ugoh, Calabar

Praise the Lord, let the earth hear his voice, let the people rejoice. Oh come to the father through Jesus the Son. And give home the glory great things he has done.

The Intercessory prayer session was handled by a seasoned Minister of God, Pastor Ubong Thompson who gave justice to the theme as he led with several praises and few prayer points to fortify the ground and push demons and evil spirits far away from the premises.

He took his text from Ps. 8:2 which says “Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger.”

Pst. Ubong raised prayer points against the evil men and women plotting to harm us and our families, command any form of afflictions to get out of our bodies, declared success in our families, marriages, careers, and businesses”.

He also quoted Ps. 67.5-6 “Let the people praise thee, O God; let all the people praise thee”.Then shall the earth yield her increase; and God, even our own God, shall bless us”.

Thereafter, he raised many praises and worship songs to praise the Almighty God. The congregation was not left out as the fire of God was burning there in the spirit world.

Also, he referenced Ps. 149:6-9 “Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a twoedged sword in their hand” as well as Acts. 16:25 to support the prayers.

Preaching on the theme, “PRAISE FOR VICTORY”, the guest speaker, Pastor Mrs Kevin, explained that praise which is an expression of gratitude, thanksgiving and weapon of warfare, is also the easiest way to access the throne room of God (Ps 34:1).

She justifiably touched all that needed to be touched as it concerns the theme “Praises For Victory”.

Pst. Kelvin described Praise as”an expression of faith, gratitude to God through hymns, Thanksgiving, reverencing and exaltation”.

It is the easiest way to access victory in the Kingdom of God.

“Praises, she noted, get you attention from heaven as you enter His Court with singing. Exd.12: Praises release strength  on the believer for victory, it gives victory, breaks limitations, grants continuous victory and releases healing virtues.”

There are examples of men and women in the Bible that obtained victory from God through praises. They are Moses, David, Paul and Silas as well as King Jehoshaphat (Acts. 16:25/2Chro.20:20-22/2Sam.22:1-51/Exd.15:1-2).

“Hearing the Word this today, God is stepping into that problem of yours, God is in Arena. It is time for us to celebrate. Praises triggers victory, she says”. 
The Prophet had reminded the congregation of the continuation of the three weeks prayers for the nation. He raised few prayer points and Bible verses as he swung into ministration.

He listed the seven types of praises as follows,  Towdah, giving Thanksgiving for something that hasn’t yet occurred, Yadah – heartfelt praise, Barak – to bow down to God, Shabach – to be unashamed to shout the name of the Lord, Halal – to shine or boast about your God, Tehillah – to sing unrehearsed, unplanned praises, and Zamar – to touch the strings.

He read out Bible verses to support his teaching.1Jhn.5:44/ Deut 20:4/1-4/Eph.4:6-10).

The Prophet had earlier introduced Little Master God’sPower Obassam Udah to Arena family and used the occasion to rededicate him to God. He releases blessings upon his life and that his parents Pst./Pst. Mrs  Udah Okey.

Following the intercessory prayers, was high praise followed by prophetic blessing on the congregation by the Servant of God as led by the Holy Spirit via sprinkling of anointed water, engulfing everyone in the fire of God.

As led by Prophet Obi, the ongoing segment for prayer and praise for our  nation featured praise as weapon for victory. God’s servant explained that when praise takes place, it breaks Protocol. When praise falls like thunder, Satan looks for ways of escape. 

Having sang “Protocol Breaker” He added that; All that the children of Israel did was sing praises to God and their enemies were discomfited (II Chronicles 20:22). Hence, in whatever way the enemy is contending with you, he goes down for your sake as we engage the power of praise. Amen.

By the Spirit of God, Prophetic Ministration (Praise Dance), located a couple of persons like: Okon E. O. who in the realm of the spirit was a goat tied for slaughter but liberated from death as planned by the enemy through supposed afflicted kidney; Imoke a walking corps was set free from death and spirit of insanity as intended by the enemy; Enya S. A. was delivered from evil powers of his parent’s houses monitoring and programming his destiny for failure and disappointment via a young girl; a woman from Ikot Ishie whose baby in the womb was turned to an imbecile, made to sit on the prophet’s chair and the case reversed;  Bassey with a great destiny being resisted by best friend, was also delivered; Janet O. danced a dance for turn around in her marriage. All these were made possible through praise as praise moves God into action.

God always has witnesses of his visitation amongst his people. From a lady’s health being restored following prophetic administration; successful completion of ICAN examination – Calabar sector; financial blessing; journey mercies/accident averted following prophetic declaration; thanking God for bottom pot blessing (last Minute blessing) to the successful completion of repair of collapsed fence following last Friday’s rain/blessing for all ministers who attended to the work. The LORD’S name be praised. 

In place of corporate and personal prayers, were praise and dancing. At the end, the prophet declared that the congregation should go and bring their testimonies. 

Remember that without Christ, praise makes no sense and can neither be put to action. Therefore, take a stand with God (Rev 3:15-16) that you will also be a partaker of the Victory enjoyed through praise. 

Worshippers were directed to come along with 5-point prayer requests for the month of October, 2022, come next fellowship. The prophet encouraged them to pass the message on to other people as well. This therefore comes as an open invitation to all from Pastor Obi himself. Don’t miss it. 
Marriage Bann of Bassey Obi and  Patience Enang is ongoing. Wedding is October 29th, 2022 at ARENA premises.

The “I love my Pastor comes up November 4th, 2022 while the last Tarry Night is Nov.18th, 2022.”

The Arena Echo International choir was just too good as they rendered praise and worship songs to the glory of God.

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To God alone we give all the Praise!.

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