Their Thanksgiving Through Praises Opened Doors For God’s Divine Blessings

BY: Phil Adams/Vitalis Ugoh, Calabar

“There is nothing you can not do Protocol Breaker”, referencing Our Heavenly Father, The Almighty God, The I am that I am, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, the Majesty, the Great Warrior, the Healer, The Protector, The Game Changer etc. All these beautiful names represents Our Father in Heaven”.

He appreciates thankful hearts and mouths. Thanksgiving gladdens His Heart and as such He opens His arms to give away His blessings to them that praises His Name always.

No wonder, the theme of the Thanksgiving Service is tagged “God still works wonders through praise”. Every theme has its uniqueness. Thanks to the Great Servant of God, the general, Prophet Sunday Obi for his resilience and steadfastness in keeping to God’s revelation before choosing the theme every service week.

Friday’s Thanksgiving service was not an exception. It was a great and memorable experience. For those who could make it despite the hard times, can testify that it was a remarkable experience with God in God’s Arena Of Liberty (GOAL) aka “Enough is Enough”.

He says, “before Abraham I was, meaning that there is nothing that takes Him by surprise. He is the living God, the light, the salt and the way to Salvation. Anyone that desires Him shall inherit His Kingdom.”

It was divine outing and a humble experience as the service kick started with the Intercessory prayers led by a humble minister of God, Pst. Thompson Ubong. 

Psa.8:2 says “Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger”.

“Oh Lord my God, as I praise your name, evil plan against my family, career, business, marriage I render them useless, As I praise you, let every demonic foundation working against my progress be destroyed in Jesus Name Amen, As I jump and praise your name, let every sickness in my body jump into fire and perish, Every prison holding me hostage , Oh Lord my God, let every prison gate be opened in the Name of Jesus.”

“Oh Lord my God, as I stand on the authority of the Word, I am above and not under, Arise and move, I will walk in good health and righteousness, I have joy, peace, love, patience and the Lord is my habitation, as I praise His Name today, I decree that every demon that is holding the key to open my gate of blessings die, die and I refuse to be a victim”.

Please, you can make reference to the following Bible verses for more understanding. Jos.6:5/Acts 16:25-26/Psa 24:7/67:5-6/8:2 respectively.

The appointed time came and the daughter of Zion, the Woman of honour, the woman that has the fear of God at heart, Pst. (Mrs.)Rita Kelvin Okang, was specially ushered to the pulpit by the General Overseer Prophet Sunday Obi to present the “Word”.

She started by singing and giving Thanks to the Almighty God. Praising Him like never before. Calling Him all Manner of beautiful names to glorify Him.

“Praise, she says is a turnaround weapon in the hands of God’s people. Only the thankful can be praised because joy is an essential requirements for praise to work.”

Furthermore, she says, “Thanksgiving and praise must become our lifestyle. Praise guarantees supernatural increase in life and distiny. Psa. 67:5-6.

“Praise is a lifter of men, and status. It is divine weapon of vengeance to punish our enemies, Pas.149:5-9.”

“It is the master key to open heaven and breakthroughs. It opens spiritual gate that is been a blockage. It helps to access into God’s divine presence Psa. 22:3.”

“Praise cures the spirit of heaviness and depression, praise guarantees dominion and royalty in life and destiny Ge.49:8-10”.

“As we praise God, He shows us mercy. Praise breaks the yoke of barrenness Pas 113:9.”

“When praises goes to God, fruitfulness comes with ease, praise guarantees divine health Isa.33:24” Alleluia!!.

Pst. Rita Kelvin Okang was divinely guided as she delivered the Word. 

The Prophet could not but swing into ministration as the daughter of Zion had done justice to the Word.

He began to flow as the spirit of God directs him. And the people were touched randomly to the glory of God.

They received instant healing, deliverance and prophetic messages. 

Thereafter, he prayed against bad governance in this country, seeking the face and hand of God to give us a president of his choice.

He however revealed that there is going to be a problem during the presidential election which will culminate to forming a “unity” government.

“There is going to be another blood shed. There is going to be six geopolitical government this time around.”

He prayed against kidnappers in Cross River State, saying “God has revealed the sponsor to him, but if he repents now better, else he will be killed any moment from now. Our problem is within and not from outside”.

Obi also prayed for the release of the Rev Fr. Peter Abang who was kidnapped. He declared, he is alive and will be released.

The Arena Echo International choir was just too much for the Thanksgiving Service. They were divinely made as they sang and offered what it took to sustain the service. Alleluia!.

He declared “it could have have been worse without Jesus”. God is the One doing all these things and testimonies. Not Prophet Sunday Obi. He loves, cares and knows our hearts. He sees and solves every problem “.

Anniversary! Anniversary!! Anniversary!!!. January 13th, 2023 ARENA shall be Five years in existence. We shall be celebrating that day for God for keeping the ministry growing daily.

Annual sacrifice comes up on December 16, 2022. Come with your substance to thank God.

The theme for 2023 is out and will be unveiled next week Friday. “Power to overcome storms of life”- God in Action.

The Prophet released blessings to them that honoured God during the Thanksgiving Service. They were in abundance. Children, jobs, marriage, visitation etc.

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His glory manifested upon His people. Jesus is Lord!.

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