Omiscience God Proved Himself And Returned Their Destiny According To Their Faith – Alleluia!

BY: Phil Adams/Vitalis Ugoh, Calabar

The God of Perfection created everyone of with “destinies” know it. You are destined to be who you want want to in live. God never discriminated amongst His creation. He was mindful and perfect in His creation. 

That why He is called “Jehovah”. No one compares himself with God. He is the Omiscience, Omipotient and Omipresent God. He is in charge of our lives. What is in His Father, is in Him – Jesus.

Our destinies are in His Holy hands. You need to activate and religiously stand by His Word. The Word is Jesus Christ. Any one without Jesus, The Word, is playing with his destiny. Amen!

Hear Him say in Jhn.1:1″In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

So, like the theme of today says “I am a child of destiny”. Our destinies are in our hands. All you need is to accept Him as your Lord and Saviour, seek first the Kingdom of God, every other things shall be added unto you. May it be our portion in Jesus Name Amen.

As usual, worshippers apparently due to situation in the country have decided to be coming late to Friday program. Our God is not a small personality. We need to respect our God. He is a big God. Coming to service early is obidience to God, Amen.

The man close to God’s heart, Pst. Stanley Williams, had the responsibility of anchoring the Intercessory prayer which he did as he took us through so many prayer points backed with the Word.

Taking from the Bible verse Matt 26:42 saying “Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak”.

He advised us to watch and pray against any form of temptation in our lives, prayed that God will deliver us from every evil works against our destinies, family, marriage, business and other afflictions (2Tim.4:18), prayed against the spirit of manipulation, spirit of distractions, spirit of confusion, spirit of unfriendly friend (Gal.3:1-4), prayed against whosoever that has taken our souls to the grave or dug a pit, let the pit swallow them (Psa. 30:3/91:5-8 against every terror, every evil arrows thrown against my destiny, and every pestilence that walketh in darkness “.

The Prophet in the House, God’s own general, Prophet Sunday Obi,had earlier, sorted out Mrs. Sarah Omini and prayed against her dying in course of delivering. He cast out the spirit of death and declared her and baby free.

He declared  employments among those that filled the Cross River State civil service commission jobs.
The Arena Echo International choir can never and shall never fail to render glorious songs to God, even with less choirouster, Alleluia!!.

Thereafter, Servant of God Prophet Sunday Obi with utmost humility, ushered Pst. Engr. Richard Eleng whom God choose to deliver the Word to the pulpit.

.The theme is “I am child of destiny in Christ”.
“Destiny is God’s plan and purpose for His own children which we see one. He has a purpose for creating us and as such has assignments which we must accomplish here on earth.

God created us in His own image. Psa.100:3/Gal 1:15). Our purpose or destinies have been predetermined from above during creation. 

The purpose is for us to have peace with one another and with God our creator. (Jer.29:11.) You must know the word and do what God says. You must begin with God and end with Him. You must have the character of God living in you. That is His will and nature. If you depart from God, you have missed your destiny.(Roms 8:29-30).

“In Christ we have obtained an inheritance Eph. 1:11″In whom also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestinated according to the purpose of him who worketh all things after the counsel of his own will”.

These are some of the destiny child in the Bible. Abraham Gen.12:1-3/Isaac Gen.21:1-/26:1/Jac.Gen.27:1/Joseph Gen  37:1-36,39:1-23/40:1-23.

He says that we can access our destiny throw being born again, studying the Word, Revelation, passion for God.


God he says “created us for his pleasure, to become members of his family and to be like Christ,”.
Read Rev  4:11/Psa. 149:4/Jh. 15:5/Roms 12:5/8:29.

He says that there are hinderances against destiny through manipulation or stolen, destruction or exchanged, ruined or destroyed.

Pst. Eleng therefore prayed for repentance among unbelievers, holiness and righteousness. 1 Chro. 4:9-11/Isa 6:1/ 1Sam. 2:27-36/2Kg.20:1-11.

The Communion Service witnessed the sharing of 2023 Prayer Request forms to be returned on December 16, being the last service for the year.

The Peculiar Women did their Thanksgiving with the purchase of 10 plastic chairs for the commission.

Pst. Barr. Jacinta Innocent, President of the association, had praised and thanked God for all his guidance and blessings on her members through last year till date. She appreciated the Servant of God with a token.

They sang and danced to the glory of God. On the same protocol, the Prophet blessed the members of the association and thanked them for the donation. He released blessings, breakthrough as they danced to their seats.

And now, the hour has come for the Servant of God to carry out instructions from his Master Jesus. The time to set the captives free. Time to heal the sick. Time to give out prophesies. And choir sang ” now that the battle is over”..… and so on and so forth… JESUS is my bulldozer, oh yes, He is my bulldozer, Amen….

There was instructions that every worshipper must dance and marched round the “Altar” and healing, blessings and prophetic began to manifest.

The Prophet prayed against all satanic powers operating against our destinies, prayed for the restoration of our destinies, prayed for promotion, jobs, that every destiny destroyer must be destroyed, prayed against financial stagnation in our lives, prayed for the restoration of destinies wherever they are buried, restore my destiny that of members of my family, my children and all members of my household.


Next week will be anointing service. The 5th Anniversary is January 13, 2023. December 16, is the last service for the year. Come with your Annual Sacrifice.

Usually, it was a great and memorable experience on Friday. God showed Himself as Omiscience, Omipotient and Omipresence God.
First timers were welcomed and prayed for by Pst. Ubong Thompson.

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His grace abounds in totality, using His Servant gracefully throughout the service. His Name is “Abba Father”.

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