They Revered “Jesus” Holy, Righteous And Supreme As He Graciously Released Abundant Blessings To End 2022

Phil Adams/Vitalis Ugoh, Calabar 

God showed His bigness in the Anointing service to mark the end of 2022 in God’s Arena Of Liberty (GOAL)aka “Enough is Enough” through his power like never before on Friday, December 16th, 2022.

The multitude gathered both from within and outside the country. This could only have been made possible by the hand of God. The move of His glory portrayed that Our God is unlimited in capacity.  He reigns in eternity, the earth is his foot stool and He rules in the government of men (Isa 66a  and Dan 4:17b) saying “The heaven is my  throne,  the earth is my foot stool….”   And  “…..he ruleth in the kingdom of men and giveth it to whomsoever he wills…..   Hallelujah!”.

Among the numerous testimonies are; woman who died¬† shortly after sharing a testimony raised back to life through prophetic intervention, safe delivery after series of attacks by negative powers following prophetic intervention all through conception, sister’s escape from fatal accident that claimed other lives, healing of severe waist pain following prophetic ministration.¬† Thanks be to God.

Following the prophetic ministration by God’s Own General, Prophet Sunday Obi, it was obvious that “God is bigger than all problems, negative situations and circumstances no matter how terrible they seem.  Praise the LORD.

And because He is Holy, Righteous and Supreme and because they people recognized Him as a Big God, He was lavish in releasing blessings to His people to end 2022 in praise and glory.

The anointing service was uncommon. He manifested in glory. His manifest presence was awesome and spiritual.

The service was loaded and spiritually packaged and sealed for those who are ready to carry according to their spiritual level. Amen!.

Indeed, it was a service to be remembered. There were joy, happiness and absolute peace among the congregation as the ARENA Echo International choir was spiritually prepared for the end of year service to the glory of God.

Words cannot be enough to express the gratitude of the General Overseer to the choir. Alleluia!!

The Intercessory prayer was handled by a seasoned Minister of God, Pst. Thompson Ubong, with great spiritual attachment. The premises was ignited spiritually in preparation for the Word/ ministration by those responsible to do so. 

Raising prayer points according to the theme “How Big Is Your God”, he prayed thanking God for making us sons and daughters of His, glorifying God and for using us for exploits, prayed for repentance, prayed for the cleansing of sins, and prayed for mercy upon our lives.

He raised prayers breaking every yoke working against our lives, against any wrong or evil foundation speaking against our marriage, career, business and children, Oh Lord my God, lift me up, stop every generational curses in my life, curse every voice speaking against me to die, break them by fire by thunder, Christ has paid a prize with His death on the Cross, release my destiny and that we shall not die in 2023 but shall leave to see 2023. Amen.

You can read the following Bible verses, Dan.11:32/Psa.110:3/Phi.3:10/Dan.6:20-/Nos. 23:23/Acts.12:7/Isa.10:27 respectively.

For several months running, the General Overseer, Prophet Sunday Obi, was on self holidays. He loves giving opportunity for the young ministers to grow. He is not a proud Man of God. He does it religiously and it is paying off.

But, there was a divine revelation directing him to present the Word in the last Service to end the year as He obeyed the instructions of His Master “Jesus”.

Ministering, God’s own general, says “if the power of God is in you and with you always, your perceived enemies shall run from you. The Word of God is our Rod and our strength. Run to God when challenges come. Don’t be afraid. Run to Abba Father and drop those challenges with Him because there is challenge that is above Him’.

“No challenge is bigger than God, and I know as you have come today, your God will see you through in Jesus Name Amen. When challenges come, tell the challenges how big your God is”.

You can only achieve your goals when you have salvation, you are obedience and prayerful, Thanksgiving and gives praises/worship.

The service was completely loaded with activities like return of Annual Sacrifice, Prayer Request forms, Xmas for the Servant of God amongst others.

He offered corporate prayers for the congregation especially those travelling during the Christmas period.

Blessings on marriages, finances, pregnancy, healing were released as they praised and worshipped Him.
Deut: 10:17 says “For the Lord your God is God of gods, and Lord of lords, a great God, a mighty, and a terrible, which regardeth not persons, nor taketh reward”:

He dropped the following Bible verses for more understanding. Exd.14:21/Lk.6:8/Jh.1:12/Isa.1:19/Acts.16:35-26.

There were Thanksgiving from the family of Evang. Mrs. Nengi Iwa Ebeten and the dedication of Master Otonko Daland by Mrs. Janet Obi.

Goal Ministry shall be resuming on January 6th, 2023, while it shall be celebrating her fifth anniversary on January 13th, 2023. Join us in the great celebration. God bless you.

There were soul touching testimonies at the Anointing service to the glory of God.

First timers were welcomed and prayed for. Like/Comment on our Facebook page. 

Happy Xmas And New Year in advance. God is Lord. Our God is Big and Supreme always. Can you beat that?.

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