The Mountains Were Bulldozed As They Prayed And Fasted Waiting Upon The Lord

BY: Phil Adams/Vitalis Ugoh, Calabar 

Friday 20th January, 2023,  was the 5th day of the week set aside by GAOL Outreach for Prayer and Fasting. When the road is rough and dreary, when there are obstacles, such as mountains, hills, valleys on your way, you engage D9  which is capable of bulldozing them.  When you have storms of life that bring you tears of sorrow, bread of sorrow, etc, you pray and there is no solution, you engage the Spiritual Bulldozer.

This prayer and fasting sets the foundation for the year 2023.  Prophet Sunday Enu Obi said “I see storms of life, yet solution abounds. God’s children will always win because God is always in action”.  He added that, when the road is rough, no food, no water, Jesus becomes your Ebenezer (I Sam 7: 10-12. vs 12 in focus).

There are always baffling testimonies of what God is doing in GAOL Outreach. For instance,  following prophetic ministration, a girl who usually visited the convenience once a week now set free and her sister got married in January 2023.  Praise God.

Prophetic ministration for the day harvested a trailer load of signs and wonder. Jesus did it all

Intercessory Prayer was coordinated by Pastor Mrs Phil Adams who raised points as,  thank God for successful 5th Anniversary Celebration, thank God for sings and wonders through the years past, destroy everything that might want to constitue storms of life in 2023, crush all seeming hindrances on our way to overcoming storms of life in 2023, there should be unusual dimension of signs and wonders that will further announce GAOL, fresh oil for the prophet for maximal service, influx of those destined to be at GAOL this year, and zeal for ministers and workers to serve to a point of reward. (Ref. Ps 127:1, Ps 118:23, Ps 68: 1, Acts 9:34-35, Ps 89:20-24, Ps 119:105, Num 11:31 and Gal 6:9).

Presenting the Word, the General Overseer Prophet Sunday Obi who had mentored several capable Ministers over the years says “I have returned back to my pulpit”.

Speaking on the theme “Prayer And Fasting is Our Spiritual Bulldozer” saying, Jesus Christ is the answer to our prayer in any situation or difficulty we may find ourselves.

Singing “I have heard about you, that is why I am here.” He immediately swung into action as His Master Jesus Christ leads him. He described Him as a faithful God”.

With humility, caused the congregation to pray for her daughter of Zion, Pst. Barr. Jacinta Innocent who had an accident for quick recovery.

That God should heal her as well as fight for her against any evil plan in her life.

“Yes, I see storms of life this year, but God will surely overwhelm all storms in Jesus Name Amen. Prayer and fasting is our spiritual bulldozer. I know my Redeemer Liveth and I shall meet Him one day ‘.

“When the road is rough Jesus becomes your Ebenezer and the road becomes smooth as you believe and trust in Him, Alleluia!”

Prophet Obi described fasting as a spiritual discipline. You must be humble while fasting and praying. This is the period you have very close relationship with your God. You must learn to listen to God and hear Him give you directions. This is the essence of prayer and fasting.

He warned that most of our prayers are not answered because we pray “amiss”. You must pray, sing praises and study the Word.

“You must shun evil words or sins while praying and fasting. Until you learn to be humble, God will not answer your prayers. Learn to control yourself always, you must rely and trust in God while  fasting and praying. Lack of faith is a big problem for believers”.

He emphasized, “show the mountain how big is your God and it will begin to clear and wither. Learn to forgive. Unforgiveness is a sin and bondage. Most times we are the cause of our problem. Always have a Christ-Like attitude or behavior. It pays. Practicalise who you are in Christ Jesus. Don’t pretend to proclaim His Holy Name.”

He prophised that after today all the storms of life shall cease Amen. You shall flourish like a Palm tree, that as many that shall wait upon the Lord, they shall flourish like a Palm tree “.

He prayed asking God to deliver us from the shackles of life. You shall make it in 2023. Enough is Enough. Every members of the congregation picked up an spiritual Sword and throw against any evil plan in their life, families, marriages, careers and businesses. He ordered a brand new key to our new homes in 2023 and declared it done.To have results during prayer and fasting, you must be born again, John.3:3, leave a righteous life, 2Cort.5:17, learn to forgive Matt:17;20, charity Acts 20:35, Lk.11:13/Matt.10:8/Psa.100.4/92;1-2-12.

To have results during prayer and fasting, you must be born again, John.3:3, leave a righteous life, 2Cort.5:17, learn to forgive Matt:17;20, charity Acts 20:35, Lk.11:13/Matt.10:8/Psa.100.4/92;1-2-12.

The Prophet directed Miss Magdalene Ojong, choirouster in Arena Echo International choir to raise prayer points against evil spirits in our lives. She prayed against spirit of limitations in our families, marriages, careers and businesses in 2023, prayed for a covenant with God, prayed for a foundation in 2023, that God should show us our vision in 2023, prayed that whatever belongs to us which the earth had swallowed be vomited in Jesus Name Amen and finally prayed against the spirit of anger in our lives”.

First timers were welcomed and prayed for. Also, many honoured the Altar Call where they gave their lives to Jesus Christ.

Counseling days Mon-Weds while prayer mountain remains Mon Tue Weds every week. Follow us in our Facebook page. Like/Comment on our page. God bless you. 

Friday’s Service was awesome and supernatural as He came Manifested in Glory – Àmen. 

Jesus is Lord

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