Divine Gifts Galore As Prophet Obi Celebrates 56th Birthday During Blood Sprinkling Service

BY: Phil Adams/Vitalis Ugoh, Calabar

All glory and adoration be ascribed unto God Almighty, for showering His grace once again upon His children at the Friday fellowship of 17th February, 2023.  

The General Overseer, Prophet Sunday Enu Obi, expressed his profound gratitude to God for loving him so dearly and for the show of love by so many on his birthday on the 12th February,  2023, but was celebrated today.

He recalled his transition from a normal child, to a lame child and restored to normal child all by the grace of God. 

He advised members to just exalt God at all times as that is His food. When you praise Him, besides dancing, He fights your battles. Salient in all is the question; “Where will you spend eternity”? This stems from the situation which looms the nation’s economy today.

Prophet Obi added that, making time to  attending today’s fellowship is the price we have paid for our upliftment by grace. He however, tagged the message as “UPLIFTMENT FOR SUPERNATURAL PROMOTION”,  referring to Dan 6:3,24-28; Esther 2:17; Esther 17:20 and I Sam 18:5 for further clarification.

In totality, the grace makes you unique.  Little wonder Paul said; “But by the grace of God I am what I am: and the grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain;  but I laboured more abundantly than they all: yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me.” ( I Corinthians 15:19). 

To say God left Himself without witnesses from previous meetings within the week would be grievous error.  More so,  signs and wonders by the grace of God trailed the prophetic ministration as always. Praise God!.

It was a day the Lord has made. That memorable day was February 12th, 1967, but the Prophet decided to celebrate with his family being the ARENA Commission as it were. Oh! what a joyful and Divine day to remember.

However, this great day is being celebrated annually on February 12th to be precised. That was what happened in God’s Arena Of Liberty (GOAL) aka “Enough is Enough”. It was fun as Our Big Daddy in the Lord rejoiced and danced giving Thanks to God for adding another one year to his life.

The grace of God and His Divine Mercy showed up as many got their different types of gifts, ranging from marriage, children, healing, deliverance, blessings, job, career and above God’s grace for Upliftment.

Indeed it was a moment of gifts galore as the Prophet began to call upon the Name of His Master, Jesus Christ and it began to fall upon the lucky ones amongst the congregation.

The Prophet had earlier announced that there were many gifts to be given out as revealed by His Master Jesus and it came to pass. Those that came were graciously blessed, Alleluia!.

However, the hard times could not allow many people to attend the service, but in His Infinite mercy manifested Himself and performed the signs and wonders.There was enough grace throughout the Blood Sprinkling Service.

The Intercessory prayer points was presented by the youngest Minister, Rev. Kingdom Obi as the spirit directed her.

She prayed for “the glory of God to come down during the service, let your grace for Divine Upliftment locate us in the service, renew us with your grace, we shall succeed by His Grace and do not depart from us else we slumber and fall”.

“Prayed for the power of God to engulf us as believers, grace for favour and protection, preservation”.

“Let your grace speak for us wherever we go, scatter them wherever they have gathered against us, let your Divine grace to us to another realm, ask for your grace for promotion and favour in our marriage, career and business”.

There came the period for the presentation of the Word with the theme “Grace for Divine Upliftment”. This was ably handled by Minister of God, Pst. Stanley Williams to the glory of God. The spirit of God was everywhere during the presentation of the Word. And they gave their lives to Jesus at the end.

He enjoined worshippers to look unto God and not man, as man will only help you if God touches him. Saying, you can only complete your mission in life by the grace of God.

While giving thanks to God for choosing him to deliver the Word, he described “grace as an assurance for tomorrow”.

Grace of God in our lives had caused people to wonder is this that man down the street? What happened and how did he become rich. This is Divine grace of God working in your life.

Divine grace of God gave David victory over Goliath.(G.6:8-9). When God is your source grace abounds. Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.(Dan.6:3/Deut.23:13).

“When you have excellence spirit and the grace of God is there, you excel. (1Sam.18:18). In times of scarcity, you shall see plenty and abundance, there is God’s visitation and turnaround in our lives. Lk. 4:25-27.”

He prayed that God to locate us with His grace, whatever that brought you to service today because you have come to seek His face, all the challenges shall die in Jesus Name Amen, Don’t trust in man, he will disappoint you, Jesus is the answer, He is Divine Upliftment, He will change your story for good.”

God’s own general, Prophet Sunday Obi, who loves praises, burst into praise and worship songs glorifying His Master’s Name -Jesus Christ.

He talked about “rapture” and all the signs associated therein and admonished believers to prepare themselves for the time has come.

“You will have money you cannot buy anything, people no longer go to church due to lack of money. Today those of us who are here came because of the love of God. Rapture might start in the church”.

“Today, he declared, you will not go back empty. The Lord has gifts for us, Amen!. Where will you spend your eternity. Where?. We must wait for the Will of God to manifest.. singing, ” Jehovah Jire Jire, Jehovah Jire” and danced into the crowd.”

He cautioned the congregation about election and urged them to vote wisely to save Nigeria from being Islamised within two years.

Describing grace as Upliftment for supernatural promotion in life, God’s own general prayed that God will give us safe landing. He told the story of Esther and Modiccah in the Bible. Those whom men had rejected but God lifted them up. They became the stone the builder rejected, Glory be to God.

Those who serve their God with diligence shall be uplifted and they shall bear a new name.

The General Overseer Prophet Sunday Obi had offered prayers using the theme of the service. Grace for divine Upliftment, Divine promotion, against every storm, evil man or woman operating in our families, against every evil handwriting speaking against our marriage, career, business etc.

Read the following Bible verses for more understanding Est.2:12/1Sam 18:5/Dan 6:3-4/Est  6:10.

They came and they went home rejoicing for the Lord is Good.

Earlier, the Father of the Ministry, Papa Abraham, had prayed and cut the birthday cake amongst other ministers and pastors.

It was a colourful celebration with our Father in the Lord, God’s own general Prophet Sunday Obi and his beautiful wife.

The designer of the cake Evang. Nengi Ewa, had thanked God for giving her the grace to design the cake. 

The first “Tarry Night” for the year comes on March 31, 2023.

First timers were welcomed and prayed for. Follow us in our Facebook page. Like/Comment. God bless you.

Jesus is Lord!

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