The Fear Of The Lord Qualified Them As Christians

BY: Phil Adams/Vitalis Ugoh, Calabar

What a Mighty and Wonderful God we serve.  The God of Prophet Sunday Enu Obi, the Founder and General Overseer of GAOL, magnified Himself over and again by the overwhelming and unquestionable demonstration of His power.  Everyone who believed in the Omnipotence of God went home satisfied.

The Theme: “I AM A CHRISTIAN, BUT I NEED DELIVERANCE” calls to mind a  movie titled “The Last Believer”.  The ‘pastor’, not a ‘righteous man’,  only got born again at the end of the story. 

Further more, standing on the theme, Prophet Obi defined deliverance as ‘Rescue From Bondage’  or “The Act of God” whereby he rescues people from their enemies’ . (Exodus 3:8). The question is, ‘Are you really a Born again Christian?’  ‘Why do you live like the people of the world?’ As a strong dedicated Christian, does Satan have access to you?  No!  He does not. 

The Prophet recalled the case of the Pastor of Light House Church in Calabar, who patronizes a  bear parlor along with his members; perfect instance of ” I Am A Christian, But I Need Deliverance “.

Another case is that of  “a mad man” who told a pastor in Calabar that he goes to pick trash from his church on Mondays and Wednesdays because members drop the blessings they receive after service days at the gate. This,  they do via gossip, quarrels and complaints.

The Prophet, Pastor Obi said, “concerning the things of God,  punctuality is very essential.  Christians come late to church late because it attracts no punishment.  They rather would  be early when a counselor in government is visiting than me whose word counts by virtue of my spiritual stance”.

He thanked God for honouring GAOL by confirming the prophetic declaration and mandate he issued on the Gubernatorial elections in CRS which has berthed the governor-elect in the person of Prince Otu.  

He added that,  “if Prince Otu adheres to God’s instructions as told him by the Prophet, he will emerge the Vice President of Nigeria after 8 years as a serving governor.  ‘I speak under my Father’s unction”,  he added.

It was a day of God’s power.  Mighty works and wonders were prevalent  all through the service. Among others, while praise was going on, a young lady was delivered instantly from the spirit of death that descended heavily upon her.  God is good.

Thank God for prophetic ministration session when  many people got delivered from the powers of darkness.  Hallelujah!

“Colossians 1:13: Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son”.

For us to inherit the Kingdom of God, we must have been delivered from the power of darkness first, to prove that we are obident, humble and God-fearing.

“The fruit of the Spirit is Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and sell-control. Those who are in Christ are distinguished from unbelievers in that they have been gifted with the Holy Spirit, enabling them to bear fruits”.

This informed the basis for the theme for Friday’s Service tagged “I am a Christian, but I need deliverance”.

To God be the glory, Friday’s Service was awesome and supernatural as His Presence manifested in glory and those that can see felt it graciously.

The General Overseer, Prophet Sunday Obi, God’s own general is always confident that His Master Jesus Christ is can never fail nor lie. He is a Steadfast God, kind and loving. 

And the Minister of God, Pastor Thompson Ubong whose mandate is to present the Intercessory prayer points, sought the help of the Holy spirit and delivered accordingly.

He raised prayers on forgiveness of sins, Liberty to overcome sins, mercy of God, seek for the help from the Holy spirit to serve God, and to be charitable.

He prayed for the help of the Holy spirit every moment in life to be able to leave a Christian life, to cleanse me from filthness, sin and other evil vices, fill me with the Holy spirit and that the Holy spirit should cleanse us in today’s service and may we not serve Him and go to hell 

Read the following Bible verses: Colo 1:13/Roms 8:1/8:14/1:21/Gal 3:13/Jas2:13 etc.

The ARENA Echo International choir, the best choir in the World, was too too good in their performance. It was amazing, honouring, soul winning and glorious. It ended in style. They sang as never before, Alleluia!.

As usual, the Prophet in the House, Prophet Sunday Obi, ushered into the Pulpit, a Minister of God with grace, Pastor Udah Okey to anchor the Word, “I am a Christian, but I need deliverance”.

“He declared, it is marvelous to be in the House of God for worship”.

Singing, “Yesterday, you reign, you reign in my life, today come and reign in my life. I never see any one like you etc etc”.

Pastor Udah Okey, the guest minister,  in his teaching, explained that church is not a political ground, but a place of holiness, unity and love. People claim to be Christians, yet do not want to identity with Christ. Their lifestyle speaks “unbelieving believers”.  Fear, jealousy, cowardice, gossip etc have become the trend in the Church of today.  Christians indeed need deliverance

He prayed and called the Holy spirit to come and take away the spirit of confusion among the congregation during the service.

Rather, he declared, total restoration, healing, deliverance and blessings during the service as the Word is been heard.

Udah pointed out that going to church does not guarantee any one a place in Heaven. You can be in the House of God and still suffer. It is possible. Yes!. Hear me, He is here and is about to do something in your life”.

“The problem of the church is the church. It is a place of unity and not for disunity. We are a body of Christ are to join hands to build the church. You must allow the Spirit of God to take over you. You must identify who you are. It is not about being a Pastor, Evangelist or Prophet etc . But you must be careful in what you do”.

“You are a Christian and yet you keep malice, you hate, you jealous, you gossip and on and on …. You are always praying for the down fall for your General Overseer, Pastor and fellow believer.”

In the church of God, “there are cabals and so forth and so on. Are you a Christian wearing a sheep clothing? Are you one of christians going to herbalists. Leaving service and patronizing a drinking parlour, booking to have sex with almost all the girls in the church?”

“The power of darkness will always be afraid with a believer and a Christian. God has not given us the spirit of fear. Why do you jump from one Church to another looking for salvation, deliverance blessings and healing. What a pity.”

“If you find yourself in this category, then something is wrong. Please look behind and search your conscience. There is power fighting the House of God. There is war amongst members of the church.”

“It is all about who you are in Christ Jesus. The truth can not be altered. The Word of God is truth and light”.

Udah gave reasons why believers need deliverance. To avoid having sex in the dream, addiction in drugs, alcohol, family idols, evil altar, reading occultic books, evil films, lisbianism and curses from parents amongst others.

You can reference some Bible verses Lk.13:10-16/2Tim.1:7/2Cor.13:8/Mat.16:19/Rev.10;11/Eph.6:12-17.

Earlier, the General Overseer Prophet Sunday Obi, who expressed disappointment because people allowed the early morning rain to stop them from coming to service.

He said “I am a voice and not a noise”. He thanked God for honouring His Word by confirming the Anointing of Prince Bassey Edet Otu as governor of Cross River State.”

Warning “Otu must fear and Obey God. Do what He directs him to do. There are powers in the Government House, Calabar and must be cleaned else…. He will only stay for one tenure in office.” He will not be the next Vice President of the country.

“Otu must handover the state to God before any other thing, the Prophet declared”.

The church prayed and handed the Gov-Elect Prince Bassey Otu onto God’s hands. Our God is a faithful God “.

He said “Ayade will go to prison after office.”

There were enough reason for the congregation to thank God. It was amazing, honouring soul winning and glorious. Thank God I was there. 

There shall be no service in the morning on Friday. It is Tarry Night 31st March, 2023. Time 9.00 pm.till dawn. Theme is “The Victory of Mercy over Satanic Judgement”.

Seminar! Seminar!! Seminar!!Ministers conference, the first of its kind comes up May 20,2023. Time 10.00 am prompt.

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First timers were welcomed and prayed for during the service.

Jesus is Lord!

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