Our Policy Road Map

By Peter Offem Ubi

Our road map is clear, the policy directions defined, and our destination a significant target with a focused concentration to achieve for Yakurr the best possible government within our nation’s constitution.

We are setting the narrative on the issues most important to Yakurr, others can only follow us and follow they will.

We ask our people to study other plans by candidates and compare theirs to ours, the realization will be that the difference is clear with respect to our plans put the people as the central focus, with what is best for all.

Every policy plan of the Ifere Paul administration is accounted for in budgeting through the Federal Allocation Process for local government; all comprehensively studied, all meet the test of transparency, and efficient financial planning towards its implementation. In ours you will find out that the drive on its master architectural plan is nothing like others, and nothing like any in local government administration history in Yakurr. We are embracing bold ideas, vision and initiatives never seen in Yakurr. 

Our implementation mindset is driven, not out of a promise, but out of an obligation to see Yakurr into the future as a better place for generations to come.

We’ve laid forward the Ifere policy agenda on reforms within Yakurr with specificity, focused on the following areas:

✓1. Education Reform
✓2. Healthcare Reform 
✓3. Agricultural Support Scheme For Our Farmers
✓4. Infrastructural Development
✓5. Safety & Security Architecture As Priority Towards Cobbing Cultism and Other Related Crimes.

By using the Easy Governance Philosophy towards a new Yakurr, Ifere’s full Policy Nugget For Yakurr On Healthcare Reform was table to the people. And we said “Have you ever been to a hospital with just your hospital computerize card”….we spelled out in details how we are going to move more towards a Computerize Medical filing and administration system with our District Specialist Referral Hospital And Clinic.

We’ve again tabled a comprehensive policy framework on Infrastructure Development For Easy Urbanization, with a focus on improvement in existing roads and developing other road networks within all axes of Yakurr. 

Because we have a candidate with the experience, having served in 2006 on the Cross River State urban renewal committee, the committee that was mandated to advise government for the renewal and or establishment of modern urban infrastructure in Ugep, he understand what further improvements are needed on this areas in Yakurr. 

Ifere has told us “We live in a fast changing world where villages are fast becoming towns. And towns fast changing into cities. Planners at all level must put on fast thinking caps to meet such abrupt changes.”

Stay with us as on information about what this campaign is about -about you the people. Stay with us as full developed pamphlets on policy directions are made open for public scrutiny, and as we put on ground our implementation solutions on
✓Education Reform
✓Agricultural Support Scheme For Our Farmers
✓Safety & Security Architecture As Priority Towards Cobbing Cultism and Other Related Crimes.

And all these will be in line with the already specific policy layout within the public domain on
✓Healthcare Reform 
✓ Infrastructural Development

Ifere Will Get It Done!


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