Our Health Plan: Easy Asses for All

The reason many people prefer to travel abroad to treat headaches and malaria is the ease to which attention is accorded them, excellent and well trained medical professional, the beautiful atmosphere to which these services are provided, the sophisticated equipments that makes it a wonderful experience at the hospital, and the fact that everything is computerized.

Our plan is divided into:

i. Environmental Health: Sanitation and Hygiene

ii. Physical Health: Disease Management and Prevention

iii. Social & Emotional Health: Trauma Management

Additionally, we will refocus our attention towards:

1. Setting up critical health conditions intervention fund (CHCIF). This will provide the opportunity for the “poor of the poor” to be accommodated for the treatment of critical health conditions they may not be able to afford. We will invest a larger percentage of these fund into the AyadeCare (If that works). 

2. Upgrade our primary healthcare centers to be efficient and functional at all times. Providing care to those who needs it.

3. Periodic Importation of specialized services to cater for the health needs of our people through medicals outreaches. Our government will partner with those who are already distributing reading glasses, vitamins, sanitary pads, etc, so they could expand their reach.

As an international volunteer with teachers and doctors without borders,

a) We will reconnect with the necessary networks that I have worked with to make Yakurr a medical tourism hub where other LGA and States can benefit.

b) We will partner with Yakurr Diasporan Community, especially medical professional to help drive the Yakurr District Referral Hospital.

4. We will pursue relevant laws that will ease the establishment of Yakurr District Referral Hospital. This will be the “signature project” of our administration. We’ll partner and build synergy with relevant government Ministries and Agencies while also cooperating in other aspects to enhance penetration of medical care to our communities.

5. Compulsory free distribution of vitamins to pregnant women, children at all ages in primary schools in the LGA to boost their immunity against diseases.

6. Our focus will be to minimize, and if possible, eradicate totally child and infant mortality rate in Yakurr LGA.

7. We will also partner with the Ministry of Health and the Primary Healthcare Development Agency to advance penetration of the NHIS into Yakurr LGA. As much as it is possible, we will read the Act setting up the AyadeCare and find ways to see how we can invest in it so that it can be domiciled to benefit Yakurr people.


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