Embrace Peace And Unity – Olumba Urges Nigerians As He Empowers 62 Youths


Nigerians irrespective of our religions have been enjoined to embrace love and unity as a force to bring the needed unity in the country. 

The call was made by the Spiritual Leader of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu at Unity and Peace feast held at Ini local government area of Akwa Ibom  state recently.

He called on Nigerians and their leaders to emphasise love and unity amongst themselves so as to exists together as brothers and sisters. 

Said he “with unity the country will consolidate on her greatness, and can dictate the pace for others to follow”.

During the  33re edition OT the feast, the Holy Father, gave substantial sums of money for the empowerment of 62 Nigerian youths from the 31 LGAs of the state irrespective of sex and faith.

He used the epochal celebration to award honours and laurels to 30 distinguished members of the fold in the state that have worked very hard to promote evangelism, progress and love amongst the increasing membership.

The Holy Father was represented by the spokesman of the fold, The Patriarch Christ Shepherd Edet  said: “Akwa Ibom State and indeed Nigeria should practically emphasise love, peace, unity and forgiveness amongst themselves”.

” With unity and forgiveness for themselves, you will see how God will uplift the country. The different ethnic groups and tribes are children from one Source, God.  God loves Nigeria, which reason He has come by himself to teach righteous and His ideals.  When you have love and unity, God will raise you higher and peace will effortlessly flow to make you a world leader”.

“The celebration of this Peace and Unity Feast is not exclusively for Akwa Ibom or Nigeria or any other geographical description.  It is for the whole world to express loPe and unity.  Do not rejoice because you have a state or country. Rejoice because God is here with you. This celebration has brought peace and promotion to your state and country. Live in peace and love” Obu said.

The administrator of the organisation in the state, an Archbishop, Hon. Justice Archibong Archibong of the Akwa Ibom State Judiciary said the love of God for the state was greater, adding that it was through the personal involvement and declaration of the founder and sustainer of the fold, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu that the state was created on 23 September 1987 by the General Ibrahim Babangida regime.

He said Leader Obu told the leaders of the mainland part of the old Cross River State who visited him earlier in 1987 to return and celebrated love feast amongst the three major ethnic groups of the state, the Ibibios, Annangs, Irons and others, and they shall have a new state.

Justice Archibong said” We affirm the efficacy of His pronouncements. Each time we gather to celebrate BCS love and unity .  we witness the enduring power of our God.  For 33 years now, our Father has used this seemingly ignored event to spiritually instill peace and unity in our state.

“Today, Akwa Ibom is inarguably one of the most peaceful states in Nigeria even though we are made up of different tribes and tongues yet we are one people. Unknown to the people in authority, The Father has used this simple event to prosper and unite the state”, Justice Archibong said.

He disclosed that there are over 600 formations of the fold in the state, otherwise called Bethels, maintaining that there is hardly any village in the state which does not have a BCS presence.

Also speaking at the event, Bishop of Uganda, Archbishop Samuel Inok said the presence of the fold in the East African country was impactful and the locales have embraced it in their numbers.

He added that the spiritual leader has enough power and capacity to do anything, disclosing that there is nothing he cannot do, ” except he does not want to do it”.

The event held at the Odoro Ikono Secondary School had as its theme: Akwa Ibom Uniting in Love in the Tabernacle of God.  It  was massively attended by indigenes of the state and faithful from the 31LGAs as well as traditional chieftains and leaders of government.  

The organisation carried out a peace procession throughout the village of Mbiabong Ikot Udofia in INI local government area of Akwa Ibok state. 

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