Olumba Olumba Is The Sole Giver Of Peace -Archbishop Irefin


Worried by the persistent
insecurity in Nigeria over the years, the Holy Father, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, directed that a one week programme from 9th -15th March, 2020 for total cleansing and forgiveness of our inquities by God.

The programme known as 2020 ABAS International Evangelical Peace March with the theme “Leader Olumba Olumba Obu: The Giver Of Sustainable Peace” was held at the National Centre for Women Development, Abuja with International Evangelical peace march from the Eagles Square to the National Centre for Women Development.

A document made available to newsmen in Calabar by the spokesman, Christ Shepard, Edet Archibong, said the one week event organized by the Association of Brotherhood Academic Scholars (ABAS International) is an arm of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star(BCS) had participants drawn from USA, UK and many West African countries. Over 1,000 delegates took part in the Peace march to climax the ceremony

Delivering his lecture entitled “Leader Olumba Olumba Obu The Sole Giver Of Sustainable Peace”, the Coordinator of this year’s event, Archbishop, Prof. David Irefin, said Nigeria had groaned in darkness for too long and this is not to her advantage. For instance, in an attempt to have a United, peaceful and a prosperous Nigeria, many steps had been taken”.

These include, “fight the civil war, had military government, created states far above the divine twelve states, established NYSC, Federal character Commission and National Conferences”.

Others are, “changing of the Divine National Anthem, introduce Presidential System of government, recognised Christianity and Islam, encouraged sporting activities and rotation of presidency between North and South etc”.

Regrettably, he said, “In all these attempts, peace has been elusive given birth to more crisis, confusion,division, suffering and hopelessness”.

Archbishop Irefin, therefore said “it is not destined that man or any of his institutions should be the helper of Nigeria. Rather that Nigeria is playing host to The Creator of Heaven and Earth, The Lamb of God, Son of Man, Son of God Himself, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, though without recognition”.

The Father he added, “handed over all powers in. Heaven and in Earth to rule as reign in righteousness He uses only the word to accomplish all tasks. Once He speaks, all spirits must obey. He has no challenger in Heaven and Earth. If there is a problem anywhere among His creations, He is to speak the word and the problem disappears”.

Therefore, he warned, that “it is timely for Nigeria and her political leadership to bury their pride and humbly approach God for solution to her problems. Any further delay may result into more suffering, poverty, mystery, frustration, hardship, division and death”.

Irefin recalled the Holy Father had in the late 70s made a statement that “Nigeria will try all forms of governments but none will work except they recognise and accept God who now dwells in our midst. He is the only hope for human race till eternity”.

He called on religious, political and traditional leaders to without further delay recognise the God in our midst, honour Him and approach Him in humility for He is the only one that is divinely anointed to give sustainable peace and prosperity to Nigeria first and by extension other countries “.

In his paper entitled “Quest for sustainable peace in Nigeria and the way forward”, Rev. Bitrus Dangiwa, Director training, Interfaith Mediation Centre, Kaduna state, recalled that the most fundamental source of insecurity in Nigeria today is terrorism which is treatable to religious fanaticism and intolerance particularly in Islam dominated states in Nigeria”.

Dangiwa said that the search for religious tolerance in Nigeria has become particularly pressing today in view of certain important considerations. Firstly, Nigeria is a multi-religious state.

He was of the opinion that “mutual trust and faith in a pluralistic secular state can exist only when the culture of truly free and fair democratic practices gain root. Therefore, to ensure sustainable development and so peaceful co-existence, government must be truly democratised. Government must truly be by the people and for the people”.

“The church and other faith based groups in the country should continue to educate it members on the need to imbibe the culture of peaceful co-existence, younger generation should also be equipped with sound teachings of both at the family level and the society in general, government should see to the elimination of insecurity and other ill social vices at all levels as the country cannot achieve any significant development amidst insecurity and violence, he added”.

Also, he called on government to be “proactive in dealing with security issues and threats, through modern methods of intelligence gathering and intelligence sharing, training, logistics, motivation, and deploying advanced technology in managing security challenges in the country “.

Earlier, the chairman of the conference, Her Eminience Timi Digitiemie, while welcoming guest speakers and participants, appreciated the presence of God and said peace can only be granted by God alone.

While acknowledging that there must be conflict amongst each others, there is also need for all Nigerians to coexist together because we are greater by His own image”.

She said “Leader Olumba Olumba Obu has come to fulfill His will on Earth as was written in the Holy scripture. God is a Nigerian. God is here. Enough of these insecurity and after this conference and the peace march, the country will come to the realisation that He is in our midst”.

The FCT state administrator,,Christ Ambassador, Victoria Victor, welcomed delegates to the 2020 ABAS international evangelical peace march saying”today, out of his boundless love for mankind, He has decided to assemble his elect under the auspices of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star Academic Scholars to come and restore peace and to tell the world who is the source and the custodian of the peace in the person of God Person ivies His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu.

The Holy Father in his Everlasting Gospel, tagged “The Source Of Peace Reconciliation -The Multi purpose factor, Mathew5:23-24, 1 Peter 3:10 dwelth extensively on the message of love”.

“God is the cradle of wisdom and His wisdom alone reigns supreme . Therefore, as a way to restoring peace to the entire human race, it is imperative that man should forgive and reconcile with his fellow man:.

Also speaking, the (IOC) chairman, Christ Ambassador Chukwudi Maduekwe, expressed joy over the success of the one week programme and attributed it to God himself and wished every participants journey mercies to their various destinations.

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