Yakurr Coucil Inauguration: Chairman Sues For Peace Among Cult Groups


The Executive Chairman of Yakurr Local Government Council, Hon. Ofem Ebri Obeten, has called on waring cult groups in the area to unite together for the development and interest of the people

He ;made  the call yesterday while administering oath of renunciation of secret cults, illegal confraternities and other social vices on members of the 6th Yakurr Legislature, shortly after their inaugural plenary.

The inaugural plenary  saw the emergence of both Hon. Usang Eteng of Nkpolo-Ukpawen ward and Hon. Eze Mbe of Idomi ward as respective Leader and Deputy Leader of the 6th Yakurr Legislative House.

Speaking on the floor of the plenary, the Executive Chairman of Yakurr, Hon. Ofem Obeten, reiterated the State governor’s supremacy in the runnings of the state, inside-which, the local government is, but a lower layer. 

“Irrespective of the Local Government autonony, His Excellency, Prof. Sen. Benedict Ayade is still the leader of the state, therefore, we owe him a duty to submit to his guidance for the betterment of governance at this local level and the state at large,” Hon. Ofem stressed.

The Executive Chairman also admonished the newly inaugurated lawmakers to render their best cooperation to him and other relevant authorities in service to their wards and the entire Yakurr Council, noting that so much is required from the legislative arm if the administration must be a fruitcake.

Responding on behalf of all lawmakers, the Leader of the House, Hon. Eteng Usang ,guaranteed their readiness to collaborate with the Executive Chairman and all stakeholders, as well as the governing party’s leadership in delivering the “very best” they could afford.

In his reaction, the State’s Commissioner for Lands and Urban Development, Eld. Prof. John Inyang who was a guest at the event told newsmen that he is optimistic the new leadership in the local government will restore peace and would also be very conscious to the plight of the people and therefore be interested in elevating the current life status of the Yakurr citizens.Β 

Inyang further said that this could only be achieved if both the legislative and executive arms worked in synergy; howthat, the party leadership would always be available to provide support, whenever necessary.

On his part, the chairman of the recently dissolved People’s Democratic Party campaign organization in Yakurr and Cross River State’s Water Board Chairman, Obol Dr. Godwin Oju Igile said that although the Executive Chairman, his Vice and all the Councilors of Yakurr are people of proven good conduct, however, the renouncement oath administered was a directive from the State Governor for all public office holders to swear in oath that they are keeping no membership nor having any affiliation with any secret cult.

Igile also assured that he is hopeful there is going to be no unnecessary confrontation between both Legislative and Executive arms as there would always be a peaceful resolve between the both arms of government. 

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