The great Mbaise NATION celebrated a very low key yam festival today.
Nde Mbaise has in many ways been confronted by challenges as regards to the celebrations of our new yam festival, this problem started when the great ceremony was snatched away from the EZE JI’s by the Mbaise traditional Rulers and later to be hijacked by politicians, this year’s event was further killed by the recent pandemics.

Ji Mbaise is one ceremony that brings out the sights and sounds of Mbaise culture, it went a long way to unit the Communities and bind them together in love, which brought about rapid developments and confirmable achievements which can be seen in various Communities then because we acted as one .

But when politics joined the Iri ji ceremony all that we held dear was destroyed and enemity found it’s way to our body polity and culture.

We must find a way to return this great event to the original owners NDE EZE JI (NOT OUR TRADITIONAL RULERS) and do away (forever) anything political as far as IRI JI MBAISE is concerned, we must strive to keep our political differences at home and attend future JI-MBAISE CEREMONIES as Mbaise people not as PDP or APC, our traditional rulers who are the custodians of our Cultures must in every way possible be the supervisory body to this great event.

Mbaise people should evaluate past events and ugly developments of our past New Yam festivas, look inwardly and see if what I have said make sense or not because as long as we have allowed political parties to divide us and has broken those delicate fabrics that has held us in the past we are far from the joys and unity that this great culture brings.

There is a lot anger in the land Brothers attacking Brothers for no just cos and fraustrations can be seen pointing out like an accusing finger, politicians has brought out puns of the CHASE GAME to be sacrificed while they seat and watch fools dance on the gallery, let us come back to the drawing board and know where we got it wrong so that posterity will have pity on us.

We have a duty to God and to man to RIGHT THE WRONGS and protect those values that has been handed over to us by our HEROS PAST.

MBAISE is a great Nation with great men and women who has achieved world records and we must not allow Culture, politics or Religion to destroy the fabrics that has held us together in the past and guard our unity with great jelourcy

Long live the good people of Mbaise
Long live Mbaise Cultures and Traditions
Long live Nde Eze Ji Mbaise
Long live the Mbaise traditional Rulers

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