Overflow Greets Friday’s Service In God’s Arena Of Liberty Outreach International


There was an overflow and grace of God as many worshippers ignored the heavy downpour of early morning Friday 4, September 2020, and thronged into the premises of God’s Arena of Liberty Outreach International to take part in the service.

The early morning rain started like a child’s play but the heavens opened at 8.30am and rained till 12.30 noon.

Surprisingly, the people of God did not allow the heavy downpour to prevent them from attending the service tagged “Convenat Day of  martial breakthrough”.

It was the grace of God all through as the Servant of God and the General Overseer,  Prophet Sunday Obi, delivered the message from God undiluted.

Ministering on the theme “Breakthrough in marriages”, he read the Bible in Genesis 2:24_27 which says, “for this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be United to his wife and the will become one flesh”.

He went on to say that “there is no age limit in marriage. You must have to believe and God will perfect every other things. A woman is not complete until she is attached to a man vis-visa. She is called a help mate”.

While speaking further, he reminded single girls of what he described as three types of men. They are the “Hunter, the Scavenger and the gardener”. Ladies know the type of men standing behind you.

The first group of men are those who are not contented with their wives. Anything in the name of woman, he goes for it. He is always inspired by a successful woman . He make the wife look older than her age. He beats the wife every minute of the day and like the lion of the tribe of judea’.

He warned young ladies to be careful of who comes into their life’s, else you will soon become ‘a room mate instead of a soul mate ‘

The Hunter husband doesn’t allow his wife know his bank account number or touches his cellphone or his secrets.

Quoting Proverb18:22  which says  “he who finds a wife, finds what is good and receive favour from the Lord’. The second type of men are those who would not want the ladies to marry against the will of God as recorded in the Bible.

‘Scavenger men, he said, are those who sleep or marry their house girls, lazy women and the orphans. He is ever ready to move into the life of a woman without a dream as well as led so many ladies to early grace as a result of disappointmet.

Dwelling on the third type of men, Prophet Obi, said that” the gardener is that man who will pick an ugly woman and make her beautiful, develop, provides and cares for the wife always” 

He described the gardener as a man who corrects the steps of the wife when the need arises, knows what the wife needs, perfects the life of the wife”.

Obi prayed for daughters of Zion in the Outreach to get hooked up with a gardener in their martial endeavours. This will usher love in their married life and advised them to always be prepared to respect their husbands at all time, no matter the condition they found themselves as far as marriage is concerned”.

The service provided a wonderful and joyful opportunity for Mr.& Mrs.Unimashio to dedicate their firstfruit, little Master, Adie Gods Glory Unimashio before God 

The church and well wishes welcomed and handed him over in God’s hand.

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