Looting Spree: Yes! I Agree With Ndoma-Egba, Chief Murphy & Co.


BY: Mazi Endurance Onun

Reacting to the looting and vandalisation spree of last week, former federal lawmaker, Sen. Victor Ndoma-Egba in his public lamentation held that the looters and vandals were not just inexperienced guys but professionals in different fields of technicality.

Also, Chief Ray U. Murphy, in his reaction to the mass looting and wanton destruction, again posited that indeed, the vandals were professional plumbers, engineers, electricians, auto mechanics, et’al.

Truly, I agree with them — those guys were nothing short of professionals. Yes! Those professionals the government refused to engage or employ.

I beg to ask; When was the last time the government called out professional engineers, plumbers, auto mechanics, electricians, etc for employment? When was the last time the government desired to engage (even on a short term or part-time basis) men with professional qualifications in specific technical areas?

Every year, the State University of Technology graduates atleast 5,000 professional craftmen in Architecture, Civil/Mechanical engineering, Electrical/Electronics and among many other professions. From year 2015 to 2020, at least 25,000 Cross Riverians have graduated from CRUTECH with professional skills in plumbing, engineering, electrical/electronics et’al.

Does the government care where these 25,000+ Cross Riverians are today and what exactly they are doing with the training they painstakingly received? The answer is NO!

So, should an opportunity opens for them to utilize the skill they suffered to acquire, they will not hesitate to be at their best — exactly the opportunity that showed up last week, and to say the least, those guys were clinically at their best.

Bravo, professionals!!

©Mazi Endurance Onun
October 31st, 2020.

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