C’River: God Restores Peace, Unity, Love In Bahumono Communities After 14 Years Of Crisis


History was made in Cross River State after fourteen years of war, killings, hatred and all manner of evil things as Bahumono  Communities in Abi local government came together to embrace peace, love and unity to live again as brethen.

Love, it is said, is the greatest gift to mankind by God as recorded in the Bible “1 Corth 13. “I may speak in different languages (tongues) 12:10/29:30 of people or even angels. But if I do not have love, I am only a noisy(resounding)bell gong or a crashing clanging cymbal”.

No man has done it, but by the grace of God and the word of God made Bahumono communities in Abi  to accept peace, unity and love.

Regrettably, these Communities in Cross River State and Nigeria have been in crisis for fourteen years. God’s time is the best and God eventually brought peace and love to reign 

To confirm His word, a unity/peace thanksgiving service was held on Sunday,November1 2020, at the Mountain of God Mission Intl, Calabar.

According to a statement issued by Rev. Daniel Ukene in Calabar yesterday, “the reason for the Thanksgiving amongst others includes an end to the flow of blood in Bahumono land, restoration of permanent peace in  Bahumono, God’s forgiveness, mercies and love”.

Others are “rededication of our people and land into God with the symbolic building of God’s own altar in Otumusa,Bahumono ancestral home. 

The thanksgiving service was filled with praise and worship songs to God. Bahumono unity mass choir ministered a powerful song with a message of peace and unity in bahumono dialect. 

The service was conducted by Rev Sunday Charles and Apostle (Dr) Moses Johnson who ministered the word of God. 

Other ministers present took turns to lead in corperate prayers for unity, peace and development, 
all-round restoration of lost opportunities, revival of the church ,prayer for wisdom on traditional leaders and the peace committee as well as prayer for Abi, Cross River and Nigeria.

Highlight of the service was the  “ignition of unity light” by presentatives of all the communities that made up the Bahumono nation.

The service was organised  by Bahumono ministers forum in collaboration with Bahumono believers and Bahumono communities in Calabar. 

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