Florence Takes Over As 11th Vice Chancellor Of Unical With 16 Point Reformation Agenda


History was made at the University of Calabar as the first female Prof. Florence Banku Obi, took over as the 11th Vice Chancellor.

Speaking on the occasion of her investiture in Calabar yesterday,  she said “I am conscious of the fact that I am here on a mission”.

Amongst others “to do things differently from a new perspective, in order to reposition the University of Calabar. With members of my team, we will  make laws and policies and implement them together.  We will strive to allow ideas become part of our daily and our daily living become part of our ideas”.

She pledged her “unflinching commitment to the enthronement of a culture of academic excellence. I promise accountability, transparency, truth and courage. I shall deploy the concept of effective motivation, which connects the personal goals, and needs of the worker to our goals as a University “.

According to her,  “on the other hand,  I expect attitudinal change from all categories of staff in terms of commitment to their schedule of duty in appreciation of the new administration disposition to their welfare”.

Obi also pledged equal commitment towards the welfare of our beloved students, recreational and extracurricular activities will be given a prime of place especially Calabar World Cup and students’ week, institute Vice-Chancellors Honour list to encourage students who are doing excellently well in their programmes of study to continue to aim at the attainment of the highest level of performance at the end of their study”.

She said “we can reinvent the wheels and reinvent them even better. The issue of power and water  will be addressed. Equally, in view of the upsurge in staff and students population, amid the need for optimum service delivery,  the Registry which is very crucial to the successful administration in the University will be unbundled and digitalised in line with global best practices”.

“My administration will give proper attention to all vital organs of the University. To hit the ground running, I have constituted three strategic committees, Baseline survey, Needs assessment and  critical part analysis (strategic planning) to chart a new roadmap for the University. 

She lauded and appreciated “the eminent Professors, my beloved colleagues, who along with me expressed their genuine interest to offer themselves to serve the University as Vice Chancellor in the just concluded selection exercise”.

She declared “genuine power and authority comes from the Almighty God. University of Calabar is blessed with eminently qualified passionate scholars cum seasoned administrators who are committed to steering the University to the next higher level”.

Therefore, “I urge these visionary men and women to join me on the banquet of ideas to the glory of God, to rewrite the narrative of our university thus putting it back on a solid pedestral”.

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