God Of Vengeance Won Their Battle As They Seek His Face


As God continues pouring out His Grace upon His Servant, Prophet Sunday Obi at God’s Arena of Liberty outreach (aka) “Enough is Enough”, more souls are saved daily as God directs during counselling or Friday’s Service.

“For those who have faith and believed, it is no longer a story but a reality that God dwells in God’s Arena of Liberty, though, there are still doubting Thomases”.

As the saying goes “the taste of the pruden is in the eating and until you come in contact with the servant of God one-on-one,  you may not appreciate this golden opportunity that God has provided through the Prophet”.

“Who is doing all these? “God”. Obi will say as he burst into praise and worship backed up by Arena Echo International choir practice  to honour the Almighty father”.

As the grace of God continues to flow, so the hand of God begins to fetch the afflicted and those with one challenge or the other. 

However,  before the ministration proper,  the servant of God had touched few persons giving the prophetic declarations concerning their lives as revealed by God.

Delivering the Word tagged “Oh God of Vengeance show”, Pastor Ubong Thomas,  described vengenance  as an act of revenge for something someone has done to you”.

“It is an action taken in return for injury against someone”, he said. He said while vengeance is for the Lord,  we as Christians have a great role to play. You must always be on your knees for God to answer you”.

Referencing the Bible according to Jer  11:20 “But, O LORD of hosts, that judgest righteously, that triest the reins and the heart, let me see thy vengeance on them: for unto thee have I revealed my cause”.

In furtherance, he referred us to Jer. 20:11-12,Exd14:14, Jer. 46:10. He advised us to go to our closets and call upon the Lord to avenge for us and He will surely do so”.

God, he says, has seen and heard our cries and shall set us free from all forms of afflictions and burden. 

According to him, “the enemy comes with great weapons and because we have seek the face of God, we are saved”.

He declared “know your position as a christian. You must invite God of vengeance and He will answer you. When you make a comment God will  honour you. Don’t appeal physically but speak to God spiritually, and He will answer you”.

He queried “are you closing your mouth?. Say I will never die and so shall it be. It is a spiritual war.  Praise and worship can open doors for you”.

He gave some Bible verses for further references such as Rom 12:19/Ps103/144 and Jer 1:9-12.

Before conducting full ministration, a powerful minister of God Evang. (Mrs)  Stella Ogar, entertained the congregation with her unique way of worshiping God with “bamboo sticks” instead of clapping hands. 

It was a great instrument for use during praise and worship for God and the congregation went agog. It almost overwhelmed the instrumentalists. Evang. Ogar took over the floor as she sang and danced to the admiration of worshippers”.

Taking charge, Prophet Obi made a declaration concerning the restructuring of the country saying “God’s promise must come to pass as there is going to be a new leadership in this country soon”.

He further decreed that “that which has been taken away  from you spiritually must be returned in Jesus Name Amen. Fear not for the Lord is there to fight the battle for us. The Egptians are coming behind but your God will open the “Red Sea” for you to pass”.

 “The Egptians you see today, you shall see them no more,  he further decreed. God of vengeance will show to save his people in their broken marriages, education, financial situation and other afflictions”. 

Offering corporate prayers, he prayed that God of vengeance should show and save His people and that He should scatter the evil ones wherever they are planning against stagnation of any form in our lives. 

He prayed for “change of story in our lives, against spiritual stagnation, against buried destinies, spiritual injection and manipulation against our families and marriages”.

Different kinds of healing and deliverance took place during the service as the Servant of God declared that “2020 will not consume you and that we shall see the end in Jesus Name Amen “.

He announced that a Coral Night will be observed on 23rd, 2020, at God’s Arena of Liberty Outreach from 5pm to 8pm while the third anniversary of the Outreach comes up on January 8th, 2021.

There was an overflow on Friday’s Service as the Arena Echo international choir was on hand to deliver praise and worship throughout the period. 

Truly,  the God of vengeance showed in His Glory and His Spirit was everywhere within the premises for worshippers to receive. It was abundant and too many to avoid. 

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