As Believers Your Destiny Is In Your Mouth – Minister of God


The Bible in Proverb 8:8-9 says “All the words of my mouth are in righteousness; there is nothing froward or perverse in them. 8:9 They are all plain to him that understandeth, and right to them that find knowledge”.

The theme of Friday’s Service was “Godliness Secures Destiny  In Christ Jesus” and as the versatile Minister of God,  Pastor Thompson Ubong mounted the pulpit to moderate the Intercessory prayers, I knew the devil was in trouble again. 
Explaining Godliness,  he said that “it is to be like Jesus by obeying His Word and commandments.  Today, he continued as we obey His word,  God will secure our destines Amen”.
Ironically,  he recalled that even in the Holy Bible,  it was recorded that the devil fought Jesus and Joseph because he had seen their potentials and destines. 
Ubong raised several intercessory prayer points such as calling on God to have mercy upon believers lives, to destroy whatever covenant that is blocking our destiny from manifestation, to establish our faith, to open our eyes to know the Lord and to serve Him in truth and kind amongst others.
For reference purposes, he cited Bible verses such as Eph 4:22, Roms 8:29 and Roms 1:18 to buttress his teaching.  
He prayed God not to abandon us despite our sinful ways and desires. 
The General Overseer, Prophet Sunday Obi,  had announced a one minute silence in honour of the departed soul of “Papa Adeboye’s son. He also prayed God to grant the family the grace to bear the irreparable loss. 
The Word entitled “Godliness Secures Destiny in Christ Jesus” was delivered by no other person than the Administrative Officer of the Outreach, a soft spoken Minister of God,  Pastor Stanley Williams.
He however subtitled his topic as “Setting a watch over our mouth”. 
Williams queried: Why are you in church? Why do you come to church? The answer is simply coming to look for solutions from God over issues that are boarding us. Church is a place where there is hope. Many people are passing through several challenges in life. 
He said Godliness means living a Christ like life at all times as believers. There are two types of destiny,  man made and the Divine destiny. 
“Nations have been destroyed by the words of our mouth.  Families too faces the same and it is through words from our mouths that peace are made to settle such scores”.
“The devil,  he noted,  uses what comes out of your mouth to attack you as well as capitalises on it to strike always. Our mouth is like wild fire. It can pull down a building. If we must secure our destiny in Christ Jesus, we must stop blackmail,  backbiting, gossip,  hatred and anger. Set a watch over your mouth. As believers, we need to guide our mouth”.
According to him, “we have shut down several open doors  with our mouth”.
He gave five reasons why we must set a watch over our mouth in other to secure our destiny in Christ. You can read the following Bible verses,  Eph 4:29, jam 3:6, proverb17:28, Isa 45:25, 1king 19:10 as well as ps141:3.
Another important points raised were issues of fulfillment of vows made by believers and abandonment of our civic responsibility in the altar such feeding the servant of God at all times. “We have thrown down the altar. We have slain the prophet with the sword. We have spoken evil against the Prophet of God. These things, he said,  attracts curses. 
As a lover of praise and worship,  the Servant of God swung into praises and broke the protocol as the spirit of God opens his eyes and ears to perform miracles. 
Actually, the devil was put to shame again and again as he prophecies, cast out demons and carried out deliverance as it were. 
He took few minutes to throw more light on the Word saying “Godliness secures our destiny in Christ. He sees in the secret and rewards in the open.
“Your life must be a Godly life. Your righteousness must not be hidden. Christianity is the hardest thing to practice. It is very deep. You must overcome sin by living a sanctified life. Holy Spirit does not live in a dirty place. To get what you want, there must be a sacrifice. When you live a righteous life,  your destiny is secured in Christ Jesus”.
“You must be out of sin. Every child of God is a raw material. Come and take holiness free. You must live in the spirit because Godliness and righteousness are paths to our destinies”.
“Faith is a small padlock that opens all other keys for blessings to pour out,  the Servant of God said “.
He gave Bible verses such as Mat 5:6, Isa 55:1, Roms 4:1,8:13, and 2Thes. 2:7 for more studies.
The Prophet intermittently moves to the choir stand for grace, as he danced and rejoiced with the Arena Echo international choristers before moving out to the congregation for more deliverances. 
It was awesome, beautiful and amazing as the spirit of God directs the days’ affairs to the glory of God as the “devil who came to steal, kill and to destroy fled in shame”.
Earlier,  he had prayed against Boko Haram insurgency in Niger state where they have islamised a whole village to their fate.  He called on God to cause a “Red Sea” to appear and swallow them and members of their families. 
He declared “Lord Jesus, you are the God of today, yesterday and tomorrow. You never changed and will never change. Come and restore the glory of Nigeria Amen and declare the New Nigeria that you have desired for your people “.
He offered more corporate prayers asking God to teach us to be holy for us to secure our destiny, destroy those blocking our destiny in our villages and communities In the Name of Jesus Christ Amen.
At last “all that started well,  ended well, as many unbelievers gave their lives to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. 
The Lord can never lie and His ways are righteous and Holiness.  There were healing, prophetic declarations, casting out of demons and above all the grace of God and blessings in abundance during the service. 
He actually did what no man can do. He is able God forever and ever Amen. 
There was celebration and joyful noise as the president of men’s group,  Pastor Dominic Ephraim announced his birthday. The father of the ministry Papa Abraham rejoiced with him as they almost shares same date for their birthdays.
The General Overseer prayed for more God’s grace in their lives as the choir sang the birthday song for them to dance. 
Arena has been announced by God and there is no going back. “Enough is enough”.
Many first timers were welcomed with prayers.

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